Mild Danish insults

Danish insults and swear words - suddenly there is no limit to our students' vocabulary. Most of them though are not fit for this page. Here's a few mild insults in Danish for some light-hearted / pg-rated name calling.

How to mildly insult someone in Danish

Most of our students know quite a few Danish swearwords and insults. They still have a bit to learn when it comes to the milder versions though.

Here are some creative ways to call someone an idiot in Danish:


En båtnakke ... [Back of the head] - b*ttneck. Basically just a loving way to call someone an idiot.


 En vatnisse ... [Cotton wool elf] - wuss / sissy / scaredy cat. If someone is too spineless you can call them a vatnisse.


 En kvajpande ... [Fool forehead] - bonehead. Also a great way to say idiot.


 Et fjols ...[Dope] - oaf / twit. If someone is a complete fool.


 En snothvalp ... [Snot puppy] - a punk / brat. Tired of kids nowadays? They are all a bunch of snothvalpe!


 Et tudefjæs ... [Cry mug / face] - cry baby / whiner. Use this expression when someone keeps complaining.


En knaldperle ... [A throwdown / firecracker] - rascal. Bang snaps also known as throwdowns, snap-its or poppers are a type of small firework sold as a trick noisemaker. In Denmark, a 'knaldperle' is also an insult.


En narhat ... [Fool's hat] - jerk. You, fool's hat is the Danish way of saying that you are not just a fool, but as stupid as the hat the fool wears.


En klaptorsk ... [Clap codfish] - lout. The perfect insult for someone acting really stupid.


En kegle ...[Skittle / pin] - dork. Why Danes think calling people 'a skittle' or 'a pin' is insulting, I have no idea.


En klodsmajor ... [Brick major] - klutz / plonker. If someone is really clumsy, you can call them a 'klodsmajor'.


En klaphat ... [Clap hat - hat with hands that clap] - bozo. The Danish clap hat does not look very clever, but still...

A Danish clap hat
A Danish clap hat
Mild insults in Danish - learning Danish

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