The Danish word ‘Nå’

Danes use the word ’nå’ all the time! But what does it mean? Now the different interpretations of the Danish word ‘nå’ are here.

The Danish language can be a real challenge to newcomers. It's not particularly well-articulated and some words can have more than one meaning.

A perfect example is the Danish word 'Nå', which the natives use for everything from an insult to a compliment depending of the tone.

If you are struggling with the Danish language, 'nå' is a great place to start. You are basically close to fluent if you get it right 😉

Guide to the Danish word Nå poster

How to pronounce the Danish 'nå'

  Nå ... This little 'nå' will keep the conversation going. In Danish it's used to fill small gaps in the conversation and to express engagement and interest. It's a great way to say 'please continue' in Danish.
   Nårh ... If a Dane doubts the truth of something you said, s/he will use the sceptical 'nå' to express doubt or suspicion.
  Nå (hvasså)? ... Danes use this 'nå' to say ''what's up?' It's basically a casual way to ask how you are doing?
  Nå (ja) ... Use this 'nå' when suddenly remembering something important.
  Nå nå (slap af) ... This is the Danish way to say 'calm down, don't get your knickers in a twist'.
  Nå (da)! ... Nå can also be used to show genuine surprise.
  Nå (kom nu) ...  This is the impatient 'nå'. Someone is really tired of waiting and wants you to get your *ss in gear.
  Nåårh ... Babies, puppies and everything cute will make a Dane say 'nå' like this.
  Nå!!! ... This 'nå' is a bit scary and you should be ready to flee when the Danes use it. Unless you are a child in which case a fun game of tag is about to start.
  Nåååh! ... Most of our students know this one. The Danes use it when they finally understand what you said. Probably after you repeated it 10 times.
  Nå (nej) ... Nå can be used when someone suddenly realises that they were wrong and you were right.
  Nå! ... And when you are finally sick and tired of the word 'nå', this one is a great way to say 'I really don't care'.
Guide to the Danish Nå poster

Get your own nå-poster

If you want your own guide to the Danish 'nå' at home, you can find our popular poster at Nordicmade.

Use it to practise the Danish 'nå' or give the poster as a gift to a language geek or someone else who enjoys the Danish language.

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The meaning of the Danish word Nå

Did we get them right?

Did we get all of them right? Or did we forget some ways to use the Danish nå?

Leave a comment and let us know.


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