Postpone my Danish courses

Fill out the form below to postpone attending Danish classes

If you are not ready to attend a Danish course, when first arriving in Denmark (after 1 January 2018), you must postpone classes by filling out the form below.

As a self-supporting resident who arrives in Denmark after 1 January 2018, you will receive a letter of referral from your local municipality shortly after receiving your CPR number. In the letter, the municipality invites you to attend Danish classes and informs you, that you have been assigned a voucher for up to six courses.

NB! If you do not contact a language school within four weeks of receiving the letter of referral from your local municipality, the first course on your six-course voucher will be automatically deducted.

Read more about the course voucher system. You have the possibility to postpone the start of your Danish courses by filling out the form below. Please indicate when you expect to be able to begin taking Danish courses.

Postpone start of Danish lessons

  • I have been made aware of the five year period and new voucher system and understand the impact it can have on my right to free Danish classes.
  • Please send an email to remind me of Danish classes 4 weeks before the expected start date