Welcome to our school!

A warm welcome to you as a new student at Copenhagen Language Center

Starting a new study is always exciting and there are many new impressions and input to process and digest. Before you immerse yourself in the delights of learning Danish, we want to share a little information. We hope this will make your time with us a little easier, a little more enjoyable and hopefully a whole lot clearer.

Practical information and good advice to new students:

Before you start, make sure that you are up-to-date on the changes to the rules for free Danish education as well as the voucher system.

You can find more information below:

Make sure to try out our different services and facilities

On these pages, you can learn more about how your Danish language experience can benefit from our student life and facilities as well as how to boost your career using our study and career services.

We encourage you to make use of our different services and facilities in order to make sure you get the most out of your Danish language training.

Visit our calendar to see the programme for the next month.

Keep your contact information up-to-date

It is important that the school always has your current contact information on record, i.e. your e-mail, mobile phone number and place of residence.

From time to time, we forward information regarding classes or your Danish language training, so remember to always inform our administrative team if you move or change your e-mail or your mobile phone number.

NB! Our information system can only handle Danish mobile numbers, so we recommend that you obtain one. 

Inform us of absence due to illness, holiday or for any other reason

If you are prevented from attending classes for any reason, you must contact your teacher as quickly as possible. Please remember to provide your personal information, the reason for your absence and when you expect to return.

Who, what and where? The administrative team can help you

Our administrative staff can help you with any questions or concerns you may have. The offices are open for enquiries in person or by telephone:

Monday-Thursday: 8:30am - 2m, Friday: 8:30am - 12pm

Office hours in the evening:

Valdemarsgade 16: Monday and Wednesday 4pm - 8pm
Flæsketorvet 60: Monday and Thursday 4pm - 8pm

Are you curious about who you will meet at Copenhagen Language Center? Get in touch with other students by using our app on Facebook.

You can also check out our teachers and staff before you start.

We look forward to meeting you!

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