Danish language school with room for differences

Student life and facilities

As a student at Copenhagen Language Center you will become part of a diverse and lively student environment.

Our students reflect all ethnic groups, languages and cultures. This gives our school a richness that we cultivate and cherish.

The atmosphere is informal and inclusive and interaction between teachers and students is highly encouraged.

We are committed to Danish language training and will ensure that your time with us is successful. But it is not all about having your head stuck in the books.

Intensify your Danish language experience

We also have a parallel concern for making your Danish language experience both enjoyable and fun.

At our language school we offer a wide variety of services, activities and events. Our aim is to stimulate a healthy and positive student environment.

Join our Facebook group 'Student life - Kbh Sprogcenter' or check out our online calendar to learn more about our activities.

Modern school facilities

The school facilities and services at Copenhagen Language Center are excellent. They reflect the high standards necessary to advance in your Danish language development.

As a student, you will have access to all our facilities and services and we will help and support you, while you learn Danish.

Language and homework cafe

Every week we offer a  Danish language café in our  workshop where you can speak Danish with Danes and with other students.

We also offer language and homework cafés where you can get help with learning Danish in your native language. Currently we have the following languages cafes:

  • Spanish language café
  • Bulgarian language café
  • Danish language café

Connecting friends

Monthly dinner club for students

Behind Connecting Friends are the school's students who organizes monthly dinners for each other. This year we have had so far :

  • Indian dinner
  • Romanian dinner
  • Chinese dinner
  • South American dinner
  • American barbecue

Student cafeteria with delicious and healthy food

At our cafeteria you can relax, enjoy a coffee or a snack, do homework and socialize with friends while you get breakfast, lunch or dinner. In the canteen you can buy:

  • today's menu
  • sandwich (small / large)
  • homemade cake
  • pastries
  • fruit / chocolate
  • coffee, tea or hot chocolate
  • soft drinks / juice.

Read more about our different services and facilities below

Language and homework cafe

Danish language and homework cafe in the student workshop

Twice a week we offer a Danish language cafe in our student workshop, where you can come and practice speaking Danish with Danes and with other students.

Learn more about the opening hours.

Language and homework cafes in different languages

Copenhagen Language Center provides language and homework cafes in different languages.

The language and homework cafe is a service for you, if you need a little extra help learning Danish. The language cafes are open to all our students regardless of Danish class and level.

Currently, we host language and homework cafes for our Spanish  speaking students.

Mother tongue based learning gives your Danish education an important boost. By using a familiar medium, when teaching Danish grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary, you learn Danish faster and easier.

Spanish language cafe

¡Aprenda danés en español! En este curso repasamos las diferencias entre danés y español, p.ej. gramática, pronunciación, vocabulario y cualquier duda. ¡Anders está a la espera de su visita!


School Magazine - Verdenspressen

Our our colourful and vibrant school magazine, Verdenspressen, features lots of articles and illustrations, and is published twice annually.

Verdenspressen is used frequently in connection with teaching. You can read selected pages together in class and the magazine can provide inspiration for discussions and learning more about your school, the Danes and your fellow students.

Past issues of Verdenspressen have featured themes such as:

  • bicycle culture
  • courtesy
  • favourite places
  • Copenhagen City Hall.

Who writes and produces Verdenspressen?

The articles are written by the teachers and students at Copenhagen Language Center.

Everyone can contribute, together with their teachers and their class. You can also write your own articles, short stories, or whatever else you would like.

Verdenspressen provides you with an opportunity to use Danish in a creative way and to make something together with your fellow students.

All of the illustrations are made by students. We have graphic designers, artists, photographers and layout editors among our students, so we can guarantee a high standard.

Can I contribute?

Yes! The Verdenspressen team is always happy to welcome new people who want to participate in producing the magazine.

Speak with your teacher if you are interested in joining or send a mail to verdenspressen@kbh-sprogcenter.dk.

Connecting Friends

Feeling at home in Copenhagen is about more than just having a job and a place to live. It’s also about having a social network and friends. Connecting Friends provides plenty of opportunities to expand your social network.

Run by our students, Connecting Friends organises monthly dinners (Dinner Club) for the students at Copenhagen Language Center.

Dinner Club - organised by students for students

On the second Tuesday of each month, a group of students organises and prepares a dinner for about 40 people. Sometimes you’re the host and other times the guest.

The dinners are held in the cafe at Valdemarsgade 16 from 7:00pm - 10:00pm. Tickets (40 kroner) must be purchased in advance.

Stay up to date on the latest events via Facebook.

Student cafeteria with healthy and delicious food

Spacious student lounge cafe with inexpensive food

The bright and airy student lounge cafe area has plenty of seating and students can chill out, have a drink or a snack, study or socialise with friends while enjoying breakfast, lunch or dinner.

You can meet students from other classes or just relax after your own Danish class. You can buy sandwiches, coffee and cake, fruit or a hot meal.

Our cafe focuses on making food that is inexpensive yet healthy and delicious.

You can also practice your Danish in the cafe. Anne, Mette and Dorte are always willing to help you.

Meet other students

We also host a number of events in the cafe, including end of season celebrations, student parties and joint events in connection with the different Danish programmes.

Student council

Copenhagen Language Center will establish a student council at the request of our students.

Enquiries should be directed to the principal.

Study and career services


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