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Here you can find guidelines for an array of digital tools, we use to support your learning process and improve your access to important information.

We’re delighted to welcome you as a student at Copenhagen Language Center.

We also welcome you to our digital universe – an array of digital tools we use to support your learning process and improve your access to important information.

Visit and learn more about our digital platforms

To help you learn Danish and support you as a student at Copenhagen Language Center, we provide access to a number of different digital platform.

NB! Before you can get access to the digital platforms below, make sure to update your initial password in our User Management System. (We have sent you an email with the required information)  

User Management System (UMS)

UMS keeps track of your personal information as a student at our language school. You can view and update this information at any time.

You can use UMS to:

  • Change your password to our digital platforms (UNI-login)
  • View and update your contact information (your address, e-mail address, telephone number, etc)
  • View your school schedule
  • View your test results and marks
  • Subscribe to various test messaging services
  • View your absences from class
  • Find relevant links

Go to UMS       Getting started with UMS (User Management System)

KS Mobile app - schedule, module test and more

We also have our own app, which means you can keep your personal information up to date with your phone.

You can also check your marks (module test, exams), view your school schedule (days, times and location), view and update your contact information, change your password for our platforms, and find relevant links.

Download from iTunes      Download from Google Play

Copenhagen Language Center app

KS Intra – course information

Our language school has an intranet for students. Here you will find information about your course, including:

  • The current curriculum
  • Tests
  • Messages from your teacher
  • Homework, materials and assignments.

You also get access to a free Office software package.

Go to KS-intra       Getting started with KS-intra

Moodle Mobile app (app for KS-intra)

KS-intra’s underlying system, Moodle, has also developed an app. Although it’s not the school’s own app, it can be used to view KS-intra in app format.

Download from iTunes or Google Play

Getting started with Moodle Mobile app

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