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Who, what and where at Copenhagen Language Center

As a student at Copenhagen Language Center you can make use of many different services and facilities. Their express purpose is making your Danish language experience rewarding and enjoyable.

Use the links below to read more about our services and to find information about our language school. You can also visit our online calendar to learn more about our many activities, workshops and events.

Language school with room for differences

We offer more than good teaching

At Copenhagen Language Center we have many fun and exciting activities that can inspire your learning experience. Whatever you choose, you'll have enough to do - both studywise and socially.  You get:

  • access to our library and workshop
  • student cafeteria with healthy and delicious food
  • access to our monthly student dinner club
  • a chance to be part of our editorial team for the school's magazine
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Study and career services


Copenhagen Language Center offers career and study development that can help you find job opportunities on the Danish labor market. You get access to:

  • our career guide and CV workshop
  • job search course
  • individual career advice
  • 2 annual education days
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Drop by our language school

You are always welcome to stop by and see if our language school is right for you. If you'd like to know more or want to sign up, please contact us. We start new classes every month.

Do you have questions about your Danish lessons or our various services and facilities, you can always ask your teacher.

On the pages below you can read more about our different offers and find information about Copenhagen Language Center. You can also visit our online calendar to learn more about our various events  and activities.