Why Copenhagen Language Center?

We focus on teaching you the Danish that you need for your everyday life

Copenhagen Language Center is proud to offer high quality Danish language courses for the growing number of foreigners who work, study and live in Copenhagen.

We are well aware of the vast differences in how people learn Danish and the challenges they encounter along the way. We have many years of experience in differentiating our teaching according to the learning abilities, personal preferences and motivation of course participants.

But we are also aware of the most common problems foreigners experience when trying to settle in Denmark and learn Danish – so we can prepare you for many of the dilemmas you will encounter as a newcomer in Copenhagen. Learning a new language is an unpredictable process, but with us by your side you can rest assured that it will be as effective and enjoyable as possible.

Competence and professionalism

Engaging Danish courses in the heart of Copenhagen

We are an experienced language school with talented and dedicated teachers. All of our instructors have training in teaching Danish as a second language, and they are passionate about their profession. Many of them have written textbooks and contributed to the development of the field for decades, and they all take pride in making a difference for our customers. 

Our products and courses are developed on the basis of our 25 years of experience, and are rooted in international standards for foreign language instruction. We use CEFR, the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, providing transparency about the level you will achieve with each course.

Instruction adapted to your needs

Learning objectives according to your wishes

Our customers vary in every respect imaginable, so we strive to offer a broad range of courses that meet differences in needs and personality.

Most of our customers want to learn Danish alongside their active professional and personal lives. Therefore, we offer a diversity of Danish courses to fit into your busy life:

  • We teach six days a week and you can choose between morning and evening classes.
  • We offer online Danish courses.
  • All course participants have access to our online universe, where you will find assignments, quizzes, listening exercises and much more, enabling you to practice Danish whenever it suits you.
  • We have courses for those who want to spend time in the classroom and for those who prefer independent studies.

Danish language skills for your daily life

Our courses are based on your everyday life in Denmark

Our courses are based on your everyday life in Denmark. While helping to improve your Danish skills, we also give you insight into Danish society and culture, and support your efforts to meet new people and get settled in Copenhagen.

Whether you’ve just arrived or lived here for years, there will be things that surprise you and nuances in the language that can be confusing. We help you understand it all much better!

It’s important to us that our courses are not confined to the classroom. We incorporate course participants’ goals and interests into our teaching, while also focusing on current trends and your specific needs as a new resident of Denmark.

We do this by, blending art and culture into our courses, and discussing recent news and events in the classroom. To give our courses added relevance and a strong connection with reality, we also supplement the standard course materials with newspaper stories, films, music, television shows, magazine articles, etc.

Quality assurance and assessment

Constantly working to improve our teaching methods

We are constantly working to improve our teaching methods, materials and customer service. As part of these efforts, we collect extensive feedback from course participants on their experiences.

When you start a course, we will send you a survey asking about your expectations. You will also receive an assessment form when the course ends. This feedback is crucial to our ability to deliver relevant, high quality Danish courses.

We assess our courses at all levels, from enrollment procedures to the final diplomas and skills you take with you after completing a course.

Find a course

25 years of experience

Copenhagen Language Center has provided courses in Danish as a second language for more than 25 years. We have had the great privilege of teaching thousands of people from virtually every country on Earth.

We previously offered  Danish language courses under the Danish Education Act. When the City of Copenhagen decided to terminate their contract with us in 2018 and choose an alternative supplier, we began offering courses on private sector terms. We’re nowhere near done with teaching Danish, and we know that we still have a lot to offer!

Our background as a supplier to the City of Copenhagen gives us the advantage of thorough knowledge about the market for Danish language courses. As a newcomer, it can be a real jungle to find the right Danish course, but we’re always willing and ready to offer guidance and information about your opportunities and options.