Private or public Danish education?

From July 2020, Danish classes at a public language school will once again be free of charge with a deposit of DKK 2,000. We at Copenhagen Language Center applaud the Danish government for prioritizing Danish language courses for all in the 2020 national budget. We look forward to learning more about how the new agreement will impact the rules governing Danish language programs for non-native speakers. Current and future students can rest assured that our Danish courses will continue to be of high quality and offer maximum flexibility.

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What is private and public Danish language education?

As a self-supporting resident of Denmark, you must pay for your Danish courses as of July 1, 2018. Refugees and other “integration residents” will be able to continue learning Danish for free under the Danish Education Act.

If you are in Denmark to work or study, or as an EU citizen, you can choose between learning Danish at a public language school under the Danish Education Act, or through a private provider of Danish courses.

Copenhagen Language Center offers high quality Danish language courses on private sector terms. This means that we can now offer you a more flexible and individualized learning process than in the past.

Regardless of your choice between public or private provider, you will now have to pay to learn Danish – and both choices have their pros and cons.

Private language schools
Public language schools
User fees
No CPR number required
No deposit required
Danish courses at all levels
Supplementary courses focusing on spoken Danish and pronunciation
Unlimited timeframe to learn Danish
No voucher scheme limiting completion time and access to courses
No pressure to quickly start your Danish courses after moving to Denmark
Exam-oriented preparation and instruction
Free Danish Exam*

*You can prepare for the Danish Exam at Copenhagen Language Center and take the exam as an independent student at one of the public language schools.

User fee, deposit and voucher system in the public system

In addition to the user fee, a public language school will also require you to pay a deposit. Politically-influenced policy also pressures you to learn Danish and complete the modules as quickly as possible after moving to Denmark. As a result, Danish language courses at public institutions are rigidly planned and monitored, including the use of a voucher scheme and limited eligibility for Danish courses.

With Danish language courses at a private language school like Copenhagen Language Center, you can choose to enroll in a short course when it suits you. You only pay for the period and the courses of your choice, and you can take breaks between courses for as long as you wish. Read more about our courses.

Read more about the rules for self-supporting residents under the Danish Education Act.

What will I get for my money?

Private Danish lessons

At Copenhagen Language Center, we offer high quality Danish language courses on private sector terms. With more than 25 years’ experience in providing Danish language courses for more than 6,000 customers annually, we are a popular choice among foreign citizens living in the Greater Copenhagen region.

Our highly dedicated teachers possess strong professional expertise and special qualifications in teaching Danish as a second language. We offer short, flexible Danish courses that combine intensive classroom instruction with independent exercises on our digital platform.

Learning a language is a process, and can be difficult to combine it with a hectic work-life balance. Our Danish courses give you greater flexibility and the power to choose when and how fast you learn Danish. You can take breaks between the courses for as long as you wish.

FVU Reading

Flexible Danish lessons

Tailored to your needs

Our Danish courses give you greater flexibility and the power to choose when and how fast you learn Danish. You can take breaks between the courses for as long as you wish. And every time you start a new course, you can choose between the following options:

  • in the morning or evening
  • once, twice or three times a week
  • on Saturdays or weekdays
  • online or classroom instruction

You’re guaranteed to get the lessons you’ve paid for. We offer an extra classroom session if we ever have to cancel the day’s instruction because of illness. Also, you can turn in homework assignments and get individual feedback from your teacher.

Our courses

Let’s go! How do I sign up?

Find the right course

You must have at least 12 years of schooling and good English proficiency to enroll in our Danish classes.

Alternatively, you can sign up for FVU Danish. Through FVU, we provide free classes in Danish reading and writing proficiency.

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