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Modern language teaching at Copenhagen Language Center

With more than 25 years of experience we know what it takes to learn Danish. Our teachers are enthusiastic and dedicated and all hold a degree in teaching Danish as a second language.

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Modern and focused methods

Develop your Danish language skills

Our methods are modern and focused on both general and technical language learning. Our aim is to prepare our students for a life and a career in Denmark as well as provide an important insight into current social and vocational issues in Denmark.

As a student at our language school, you will:

  • develop your Danish reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills
  • work with highly qualified, caring teachers
  • make new friends and expand your social circle

Alternative Danish teaching


At Copenhagen Language Center we believe that a mix of theory and practice gives you the best learning experience. Therefore, we combine traditional classroom instruction with a number of different teaching methods.

  • project work – individually and in teams
  • group discussions, case studies and role play
  • presentations – yours and your classmates
  • music, film and video
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The major language aquisition skills


We continuously improve your Danish listening and speaking skills by:

  • using role play and  individual presentation
  • pronunciation training

Your reading and writing skills are developed through:

  • textbooks, book excerpts, online articles, magazines and newspapers
  • written assignments - based on real life problems/situations

Copenhagen Language Center supports your Danish learning experience using IT, interactive programs as well as video and sound recording equipment. 

IT in Danish learning and teaching
New technology and Danish language training

We believe that a qualified use of new technology coupled with excellent teachers and effective pedagogy will support and enhance your Danish language progress.

IT and new technology plays an important part in Danish language learning and teaching at Copenhagen Language Center.

Also, we are convinced, that ongoing development of objectives, content and methods in our use of educational technology will secure and retain the quality of your Danish language experience.

All our classrooms contain interactive smart-boards designed to improve Danish language learning. Tablets are provided for pronunciation training as well as in class, when appropriate for the lesson.

We support your Danish learning experience using:

  • digital teaching and learning aids
  • virtual classrooms and online platforms
  • video and sound recording equipment

In addition, Copenhagen Language Center offer free internet access to all students.

Homework and course materials
Textbooks and related course materials

Copenhagen Language Center has access to an extensive collection of textbooks for our different Danish language courses. We are proud that among our teachers you will find several of the authors of textbooks used in Danish language schools throughout Denmark.

All textbooks and course materials have been specifically selected to complement and support your Danish language development.

Our course materials come from a wide range of sources. The content is always current, relevant to the course requirements and enhanced by the best available technical resources and facilities.

Class assignments and homework

Class assignments and homework are an important part of your Danish language course and you will improve your speaking, reading, writing and listening skills quickly and efficiently if you attend the majority of your classes and do your homework.

As a student at Copenhagen Language Center, you are responsible for your own learning and will be expected to:

  • prepare for and participate in class
  • submit written assignments on time
  • meet all course requirements

Students are advised to check KS Intra (Moodle) regularly, to keep up on any communications from their teacher - especially if they have been absent from class.

How to get the most out of your Danish class
Good advice when learning Danish

So you have taken the first step and contacted a language school in order to learn Danish… Excellent! I am sure we’ll have you speaking Danish in no time.

Before you immerse yourself completely in the delights of learning Danish, our Danish teachers would like to share a few suggestions and a little language learning etiquette on how to get the most out of your Danish classes.

Find your motivation and stick to it...

Before we start, think about why you want to learn Danish. Do you want to build a life and a career in Denmark or are you just here for a short stay and wish to learn a little lingo? Most Danes speak English anyway, so learning Danish isn’t vital, right?

Actually, you might be wrong. Circumstances change and before you know it, you might need to be able to speak to the in-laws or to the kindergarten. No matter what, language learning will expand your horizons and make you smarter, so why not give it your best shot?

Attend classes and do your homework

It's important that you attend classes and do your homework most of the time. When you skip a class or fail to hand in your homework, you risk missing out on important information. 

Practice good classroom behaviour

A smoothly run class gives everyone including you more speaking and learning time. Learn good classroom etiquette and use it. This includes:

  • being on time
  • minimal disruptions
  • cell phones on vibrate.

Please be considerate!

Be active in class

Leave the shame behind. Don’t be afraid of making a mistake or saying something that sounds ridiculous. Everyone is new to Danish and being active in class will help you to learn faster.

Questions are welcome in and outside the classroom. Your Danish teacher and the rest of our staff are there to help. Asking questions (in Danish) is also one the best ways to expand your vocabulary.

Do you have any questions?

Contact us

If you have questions regarding our courses, please contact us by telephone or by email.

If you are not quite sure which Danish course suits you best, sign up for a free orientation meeting for absolute beginners with our student counselors.

If you already know some Danish and you are in doubt about your level, sign up for a free placement test for continuing Danish learners with our student counselors.

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