Free Danish classes in Copenhagen

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In general, if you have moved to Denmark as a non-native speaker, you will be entitled to free Danish lessons for at least three years in a language school of your choice. In Copenhagen you will find a number of free Danish language schools to choose from.

To learn Danish at Copenhagen Language Center you must:

  • be at least 18 years old
  • live in Denmark
  • have obtained a Danish CPR-number

Danish courses at Copenhagen Language Center are free, but require the payment of a refundable deposit under new legislation.

Before you can be accepted as a student for our Danish courses, you must obtain a referral from your local municipality or job centre. We can help you obtain a referral.

Free Danish courses if you live in Copenhagen

For most newcomers our Danish courses are free of charge if you have a Danish personal identification number (CPR number) and a registered address in Copenhagen, Denmark.

However, the rules differ from municipality to municipality. You must obtain a referral from your municipality or your local job centre. We can help you to obtain a referral.

If you do not live in Copenhagen

If you live in another municipality than Copenhagen, you are still entitled to free Danish classes, but you may need to contact your municipality in order to get a referral. Please contact us to learn more.

If you do not live in Denmark

Unfortunately, at this time we do not offer our services to people outside of Denmark.

If you are preparing for a stay in Denmark, please wait until you have obtained your personal identification number in Denmark and come see us.

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If you wish to enrol in our Danish courses, you need to come in for an interview to ensure that you are eligible for the course.

Please sign up for an interview in order to attend Danish courses at Copenhagen Language Center.

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