Entry requirements for free Danish classes

Can you attend free Danish classes at Copenhagen Language Center?

In general, if you have moved to Denmark as a non-native speaker, you will be entitled to free Danish classes for at least three years in a language school of your choice. In Copenhagen you will find a number of free Danish language schools to choose from.

To learn Danish at Copenhagen Language Center you must:

  • be at least 18 years old
  • live in Denmark
  • have obtained a Danish CPR-number

Before you can be accepted as a student in our Danish programme, you must obtain a referral from your local municipality or job centre. We can help you obtain a referral.

Free Danish classes as a Danish citizen?

The free Danish classes provided by Copenhagen Language Center are designed for resident foreign nationals. As a Danish citizen you do not automatically have the right to Danish courses.

However, special rules exist for Danish citizens, who have been raised outside of Denmark and thus have not learned Danish. These citizens have the right to sign up for a free Danish course.

As a Danish citizen you can always sign up for FVU or VUC, if you have Danish as a second language and want to improve your Danish language skills.

Danish classes at a different school

If you are attending Danish 1, 2 or 3 at another language school, it is only possible to transfer after completing a module.

If you want to register at Copenhagen Language Center, you must first complete your current module and without attending further Danish classes request a transfer for the next module.

To transfer from another language school to Copenhagen Language Center you must apply in person at Valdemarsgade 16.

If you need help or have questions...

Contact our office to learn more about who can attend Danish courses at Copenhagen Language Center and how to obtain a referal from your local municipality.

Sign up for Danish - it's free

If you wish to enrol in our free Danish classes, you need to come in for an interview to ensure that you are eligible for the course.

Please complete our online admission form to sign up for an interview at Copenhagen Language Center.

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