Higher Danish exam course

Module 6 of the Danish language course 3

After completion of module 5 and passing the Danish language exam 3 or equivalent level, you can take module 6 of the Danish language course 3 (higher Danish exam course) to prepare for the higher Danish education exam.

Passing the higher Danish education exam is required for admission to institutions of higher education, such as university colleges and universities, where Danish is the study language.

Entrance exam to the Higher Danish Exam Course 2018

In order to apply for the higher Danish exam course, you must take an entrance exam. The exams takes place on the following dates:

  • Tuesday, May 29th, in Valdemarsgade 16, 5pm - 8pm.
  • Thursday, May 31st, in Valdemarsgade 16, 9am - 12pm.

Contact the vejledere@kbh-sprogcenter.dk to sign up for the entrance exam. 

Requirements and expectations

Get access to higher education in Danish

We expect that your language level is equivalent to the Danish Exam 3 with a mark of 10 in reading and writing.

The preparation course for the higher Danish education exam is demanding. You must:

  • be comfortable with intensive studying
  • have steady attendance over a period of about 25 weeks
  • be able to handle a high amount of homework – at least 2 hours of preparation per day.

At the same time it is important that you:

  • maintain a high motivation
  • have a daily life that allows you to devote the necessary time to complete written and reading assignments at home
  • take an interest in culture and society and follow the public debate.

The Higher Danish Education Exam programme comprises three lessons twice a week over a six month period. It is not possible to prepare for the Higher Education Exam over an entire year.

Admission requirements

The admission requirements reflect the demanding level of the higher Danish education exam programme.

Your basic grammar and pronunciation must be in place before starting in the programme. The classroom instruction is a continuation of module 5 and the level is very high!

Admission requirements for Higher Education Exam programme

We expect that your language level is equivalent to the Danish Exam 3 with a mark of 10 in reading and writing.

If you have passed PD3 with a minimum of 7 in reading and writing, you will need to pass an admission test.

Entrance examination - the Higher Danish education exam course

There will be an entrance examination for the higher Danish education class.

You can choose between the following times to take the entrance examination:

Valdemarsgade 16November 29th 20175pm - 8pm
Valdemarsgade 16 December 1st 20179am - 12pm

Sign up for the higher Danish education exam course

Register for the entrance examination with the student counsellors. You can also contact our student counsellors, if you have questions to the higher Danish education exam course, the entrance examination or the curriculum in particular.

Contact the student counsellors, phone 33 21 31 31.

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