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Online Danish at Copenhagen Language Center

You can learn Danish almost without attending classes at Copenhagen Language Center. We offer a flexible online Danish course with an intensive blended learning approach.

Start online Danish classes in November

Our next online Danish classes start November 28th/30th 2017 for both beginners and advanced students. Deadline for registration is November 10th 2017.

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Course requirements

You must have at least 12 years of schooling e.g. a bachelor's degree or higher. Also a sufficient command of the English language and adequate computer skills are required.

NB! You cannot combine online Danish with traditional Danish classes. Learn more about entry requirements

Flexible and intensive online Danish course

By combining the flexibility of online language training with the support and learning intensity of classroom instruction, your Danish language skills will develop rapidly.

You will be put in a class with students on the same level and be given mandatory readings and assignments suited your language development.

You should expect to spend approx. one hour a day on your online Danish language course. You can always supplement your online training with our other available services - study workshops, study and career services, social dinners etc.

With a Danish CPR number, you can learn Danish free of charge at Copenhagen Language Center. New students enrolling in Danish courses will be charged a refundable deposit of DKK 1,250.

Online Danish is for you...

...that do not want to attend a language school several times a week. You may not have the time or have irregular working hours that make it difficult to follow traditional classroom teaching.

To study online at Copenhagen Language Center, you must fulfill our requirements for online Danish. For example, you must be eligible for Danish course 3, be a resident of Denmark and have a sufficient command of the English language as well as adequate computer skills to enable you to follow the course.

Intensive blended learning

online and in-person learning experience

Our online programme consists of 5 intensive online Danish courses of 12 weeks duration.

Each 12 week course entails:

  • one weekly video conference session
  • one monthly class in traditional classroom setting (attendance is mandatory)
  • 7 to 10 hours self-study every week
  • a weekly optional chat / Q&A session

Every 12 week course concludes with a test. The final course concludes with the Danish language exam (PD3).

It’s quite natural for me to study online and it suits my lifestyle. Everyone with a busy life full of ever-changing working hours knows how hard it can be to attend school two or three times a week.

I love learning Danish online because I can choose when to do my homework and assignments.


Entry requirements - free online Danish course

You must be eligible for Danish course 3 and entitled to free Danish classes as part of the Danish Language Training Programme (the three-year study period). If you have exceeded your free study period, you must pay for the course yourself.

Online Danish with Copenhagen Language Center is free of charge for students, who are still entitled to free Danish classes as part of the Danish Language Training Programme (the three-year study period) and do not attend classes at another Danish language school.

If you are no longer entitled to free Danish classes, you must pay for the course yourself.

Learn more about who can attend Danish classes at Copenhagen Language Center.

Course requirements

To learn Danish online you must...

Online study is not just an easy way to learn Danish. Just like a traditional classroom, not treating online classes seriously will negatively affect your learning outcomes.

If you are self-motivated, comfortable working independently and have good organizational skills and structured work habits, you may find online learning to be a rewarding and satisfying experience.

To enroll in online Danish you must:

  • have a headset and a (good) pc with a reliable internet connection
  • devote appropriate time to assignments and readings
  • manage your time and workload to accommodate your online commitments

Online students are required to:

  • complete and submit all weekly assignments on time
  • attend the monthly live class session
  • participate in our weekly video conference session

In return you will:

  • receive a fast-paced and intensive online Danish course
  • work with highly qualified and dedicated teachers
  • gain access to virtual classrooms and online platforms

Additional requirements to online Danish

Also, to enter the online Danish language programme at Copenhagen Language Center, the same requirements as for our traditional language courses must be met.

You must be at least 18 years old and a resident of Denmark by having acquired a CPR number and being registered at the National Register.

Course schedule

Our online Danish programme module 1 to 5 consists of five intensive online Danish courses of 12 weeks duration.

Video conference sessions

Video conference sessions take place every Tuesday or Thursday from 5pm to 7.30pm

Chat sessions

Chat sessions take place every Tuesday or Thursday between 4pm and 5pm. At the chat sessions we can help you with your homework and answer your questions.

Classroom instruction - module 1 to 5

During the 12 weeks there is one monthly seminar at the school - attendance is mandatory.

Course information

You will be put in a class with students on the same level and be given mandatory readings and assignments suited for your language development.

As part of our online Danish course you will gain access to our online universe with everything you need in relation to:

  • texts and assignments
  • listening exercises
  • pronunciation training
  • links, apps and much more

You can keep in contact with your teacher and communicate with your online classmates via our online universe.

Your homework is handed in electronically - as text or audio files. You also receive electronic feedback from your teacher.

Our online Danish course is well suited for developing your oral language and enables you to move rapidly through the language programme to reach your study goals.

The pace is set according to your learning ability and you will be able to practice both your pronunciation and spoken vocabulary.

The coursework is varied and engaging and your teacher is always ready to help and guide you through the learning process.

We provide a variety of assignments and exercises and you will have ample opportunity to work with phrases, vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and listening resources.

Working with all the linguistic skills of each module, will ensure that your Danish language proficiency quickly improves. In addition, grammar and pronunciation is also part of the learning process.

Read more about the teaching methods at Copenhagen Language Center.

Want to learn more ...

Contact our office or write to online@kbh-sprogcenter.dk to learn more about online Danish at Copenhagen Language Center.

Sign up and learn Danish free of charge

If you wish to enroll in online Danish, you need to come in for an interview to ensure that you are eligible for the course.

Please complete our online admission form to sign up for an interview at Copenhagen Language Center.

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