Danish for students

Danish course tailored for a busy study life

Beginner course for students

New course starts on February 21st 2018 and finishes with a test on May 30th 2018.

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With the Danish for Students programme you get a Danish language course tailored for a busy study life. With a combination of online exercises and weekly classroom lessons, you will soon get a good command of basic Danish.

The classes are intensive with a focus on everyday communication and pronunciation. You will quickly learn to use Danish on a day to day basis.

Danish courses are free of charge with a refundable deposit of DKK 1250,-

You will get:

  • Effective teaching designed for students.
  • A good command of basic Danish
  • Knowledge about Danes and the Danish culture

Course programme

Online learning and weekly classroom lessons

Danish for Students takes place every:

  • Wednesdays 3pm-6.30pm

Classes take place at our school in Kødbyen – Flæsketorvet 60, København V.

Danish for Students begins September 20th 2017 and finishes with a test December 6th 2017. 



A strong social network

With Danish for Students at Copenhagen Language Center you will meet other Copenhagen based international students.

You will get new friends and gain a strong social network among other young internationals.

Basic Danish for students

We know what it takes

We believe that a mix of theory and practice gives you the best learning experience.

With Danish for Students, our aim is to prepare you for a life and a career in Denmark. Furthermore, you will learn about Danish culture, the Danes and current social issues in Denmark.
We focus on:

  • The four major language acquisition skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking
  • Pronunciation training
  • Individual presentations – oral and written

Course requirements

Danish for Students is for students eligible for Danish course 3.

Prerequisites for enrolment in Danish for Students:

  • Minimum 12 years education
  • You are enrolled in a university, business academy or similar
  • You are motivated to learn Danish

Sign up for Danish for students

If you would like to sign up for Danish for students at Copenhagen Language Center, you must attend a personal interview with one of our counsellors before the start of classes.

You can sign up for Danish for students here.

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