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We offer flexible and intensive Danish courses at all levels

Beginner or advanced level, we have a Danish course for you. We provide free Danish classes with refundable deposit in the heart of Copenhagen. Our language school is open to all internationals who have a serious desire to improve their Danish language skills.

We offer flexible and intensive Danish courses at all levels including:

  • Daytime, evening or late evening classes
  • Traditional or online Danish courses
  • Danish for beginners or advanced learners

Choose between the following Danish courses at Copenhagen Language Center:

  • Danish for beginners
  • Danish course 1, 2 or 3
  • Intensive Danish courses
  • Saturday classes
  • Danish for professionals
  • FVU - advanced reading and writing in Danish
  • The Higher Danish Exam Course - if you want to continue your Danish education

You are always welcome to stop by and ask questions or tour our language schools. Feel free to contact us if you need any further information or want to register for Danish classes.

Flexible online Danish course

Learn Danish almost without attending classes

We offer an exciting online Danish course with an intensive learning approach. Online Danish contains:

  • one weekly video conference session
  • one monthly class in traditional classroom setting (attendance is mandatory)
  • 7 to 10 hours self-study every week
  • a weekly optional chat / Q&A session
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Design your own Danish course

intensive danish with other services

You can supplement your Danish language experience with our different student services and facilities. You can:

  • work on your pronunciation at our language cafés
  • borrow books and get homework help at our library and study workshop
  • work on your reading comprehension by taking FVU reading.
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