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Copenhagen Language Center offers high quality Danish language courses in the heart of Copenhagen. We have Danish courses for all preferences and skill levels, from beginners to advanced learners.

It's easy to find a relevant Danish course  as we offer both in-depth instruction and fast-paced classes that fit to your busy worklife. You can mix and match our courses as it suits your lifestyle.

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If you are a complete beginner and not quite sure which Danish course suits you best, sign up for a free orientation meeting for beginners with one of our counselors.

Book a placement test

If you already know some Danish and you are in doubt about your level, please don’t hesitate to book a time for a free placement test with our counselors.

Design your learning process

Beginner, intermediate or expert – you’ll always find a relevant Danish course at Copenhagen Language Center

Learning Danish is an unpredictable journey, and it’s important that you attend classes with others at a similar stage of the process. To ensure compatibility with your changing daily schedule, we offer Danish courses with maximum flexibility and individual adaptation.

With us, you’ll find:

Danish courses tailored to your needs

  • Morning, evening and Saturday classes
  • Danish courses at 11 different levels
  • Additional courses in spoken Danish and pronunciation
  • Quick and easy access to switching between course types
  • A large online universe of exercises and materials for self-study 

Our courses are short and focused, enabling you to change between different types of courses during your studies to suit your current lifestyle and preferences.

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Learn Danish without all the hassle

We offer effective Danish courses on your terms. Copenhagen Language Center is a private language school, which means that you are not restricted by the rules for public sector Danish language courses.

For example, we do not force you to pay a deposit, and you can learn Danish with us no matter how long you’ve lived in Denmark.

Private language schools
Public language schools
User fees
No deposit required
Danish courses at all levels
Supplementary courses focusing on spoken Danish and pronunciation
Unlimited timeframe to learn Danish
No voucher scheme limiting completion time and access to courses
No pressure to quickly start your Danish courses after moving to Denmark
Exam-oriented preparation and instruction
Free Danish Exam

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