IT in Danish learning and teaching

New technology and Danish language training

We believe that a qualified use of new technology coupled with excellent teachers and effective pedagogy will support and enhance your Danish language progress.

IT and new technology

IT and new technology plays an important part in Danish language learning and teaching at Copenhagen Language Center.

Also, we are convinced, that ongoing development of objectives, content and methods in our use of educational technology will secure and retain the quality of your Danish language experience.

All our classrooms contain interactive smart-boards designed to improve Danish language learning. Tablets are provided for pronunciation training as well as in class, when appropriate for the lesson.

We support your Danish learning experience using:

  • digital teaching and learning aids
  • virtual classrooms and online platforms
  • video and sound recording equipment

In addition, Copenhagen Language Center offer free internet access to all students, either via WIFI if you bring your own laptop or tablet or in our study workshops.

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