How we teach Danish

Excellent learning environment at Copenhagen Language Center

With more than 25 years of experience we know what it takes to learn Danish. Our teachers are enthusiastic and dedicated and all hold a degree in teaching Danish as a second language.

Our methods are modern and focused on both general and technical language learning.Our aim is to prepare our students for a life and a career in Denmark as well as provide an important insight into current social and vocational issues in Denmark.

As a student at our language school, you will:

  • develop your Danish reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills
  • work with highly qualified, caring teachers
  • make new friends and expand your social circle

Alternative Danish teaching

a rich and informal learning experience

At Copenhagen Language Center we believe that a mix of theory and practice gives you the best learning experience. Therefore, we combine traditional classroom instruction with a number of different teaching methods.

Learning Danish at Copenhagen Language Center entails:

  • project work – individually and in teams
  • group discussions, case studies and role play
  • presentations – yours and your classmates
  • music, film and video
  • excursions and field trips

Focus on the 4 major language aquisition skills

Listening, speaking, reading and writing

We continuously improve your Danish listening and speaking skills by:

  • using dialogue and group discussions
  • pronunciation training 
  • individual presentation.

Your reading and writing skills are developed through:

  • textbooks and book excerpts
  • the internet, magazines and newspapers
  • written assignments - based on real life problems/situations

Copenhagen Language Center supports your Danish learning experience using IT, interactive programs as well as video and sound recording equipment.

All in all you receive a unique and holistic learning experience, making it easier and more fun to learn Danish.

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