Language learning etiquette

How to get the most out of your Danish language class

So you have taken the first step and contacted a language school in order to learn Danish… Excellent! I am sure we’ll have you speaking Danish in no time.

Before you immerse yourself completely in the delights of learning Danish, our Danish teachers would like to share a few suggestions and a little language learning etiquette on how to get the most out of your Danish classes.

Find your motivation and stick to it...

Before we start, think about why you want to learn Danish. Do you want to build a life and a career in Denmark or are you just here for a short stay and wish to learn a little lingo? Most Danes speak English anyway, so learning Danish isn’t vital, right?

Actually, you might be wrong. Circumstances change and before you know it, you might need to be able to speak to the in-laws or to the kindergarten. No matter what, language learning will expand your horizons and make you smarter, so why not give it your best shot?

So how do you make sure you achieve your aim and improve your (Danish) language skills?

Attend classes and do your homework

- if not every time then most of the time

There are many reasons to skip a class or two or three:

  • I am busy working...
  • My studies are demanding...
  • The lessons were boring and contained too much grammar (or not enough)...

When you skip a class or fail to hand in your homework, you risk missing out on important information.

Practice good classroom behaviour

Learn good classroom etiquette and use it. This includes:

  • being on time
  • minimal disruptions
  • cell phones on vibrate.

Please be considerate!

A smoothly run class gives everyone including you more speaking and learning time.

Be active in class

- and leave the shame behind

Don’t be afraid of making a mistake or saying something that sounds ridiculous. Everyone is new to Danish and being active in class will help you to learn faster.

Questions are welcome in and outside the classroom. Your Danish teacher and the rest of our staff are there to help. Asking questions (in Danish) is also one the best ways to expand your vocabulary.

Enjoy our support services

Make sure to take advantage of the support on offer to help you learn Danish. Our support services will maximize your Danish language experience and support and enhance your language development.

Check out our language cafes and one-on-one opportunities available to help you progress.

Learn more

If you follow the suggestions above you will hit the ground running and quickly begin communicating in your new language.

And remember enjoy your time in language school. You will meet people from all over the world and learn about different cultures including the Danish one. How fantastic is that!

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