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Is learning Danish difficult?

Is learning Danish difficult? - we asked seven students at Copenhagen Language Center.

New Danish classes start soon!

Effective July 1, 2018, it is no longer free to learn Danish at a language school if you are in Denmark to work, study or as an EU citizen. At Copenhagen Language Center, we will continue to offer high quality Danish language courses at competitive prices after the new policy takes effect. Learn more

We have 25 years of experience teaching Danish as a second language. This makes us a popular choice among internationals, who want to learn Danish.

We offer a unique and holistic learning experience in a welcoming student centered environment. Our teachers and staff work hard to ensure that our students can thrive and succeed - both in their Danish language studies and in Denmark.

Learning Danish will expand your horizons and make you smarter, so why not give it your best shot. We will help you stay motivated and make progress quickly.

Visit our online calendar to learn more about our many activities, workshops and events.

Learn Danish in Copenhagen


As a student at our language school you have access to:

It's no longer free to learn Danish at our school. Learn more about the new policy and check out our new Danish courses and prices.

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Why choose us:

  • Participate in both social and cultural activities
  • Practise your pronunciation in our language cafes
  • Eat well and healthily at our student lounge cafe
  • Receive both career and educational counselling
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