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FVU Start

Course information

FVU Start is a free course for people who want to improve their fundamental Danish skills. With FVU Start, you will learn to express yourself more fluently and improve your ability to understand what is being said – even when people are speaking (too!) quickly.

Is this course for you?

  • You want to improve your proficiency in spoken Danish.
  • You already speak some Danish – A2+ to B1 level – and you can read and write Danish at a A1 level or higher.
  • A good choice if you want to continue on to FVU Reading or Mathematics.
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  • Education type

    Classroom sessions:

    • morning, evening or Saturday
    • focus on conversation and listening
  • Number of participants

    12 – 20 participants per class

  • Number of lessons

    Standard: 1 x 4 lessons per week
    Plus: 2 x 4 lessons per week

  • Number of days

    Standard: Once a week in 12 weeks
    Plus: Twice a week in 10 weeks

  • Expected self-study

    Minimum 2 hours per week

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Learn Danish quickly and effectively

Spoken Danish, conversation and listening

FVU Start is a great way to improve your spoken Danish, with an emphasis on conversation and listening. Working with your teacher and fellow students, the interactive classroom instruction will help you build the skills to make your spoken Danish more fluent and understandable.

  • We strengthen your listening and conversational skills.
  • We work actively to expand your vocabulary in Danish.
  • We practice pronunciation so that your Danish becomes easy to understand.

Reading and writing homework assignments are also used to actively introduce basic grammar and build your vocabulary. In short, you will receive instruction that covers all of the relevant language skills at your level, giving you the vocabulary and grammatical knowledge it takes to begin using Danish in your everyday life.

FVU Start is the right choice for students who plan to continue on to FVU Reading.


Find your level

Communication strategies and practice

Danish conversational skills

The course instruction is thematic and can be adapted to the special needs and interests of students. You’ll get:

  • Various communication strategies: informational, praise, argumentation, etc.
  • Extensive opportunities to work on your conversation skills and pronunciation – we practice Danish phonetics, phrases and figures of speech.
  • Exercises to improve your vocal expression, intonation, eye contact, etc, giving you more confidence in your Danish skills.

You must pass a screening before starting the course. The screening is a short conversation and written test that takes about 90 minutes, where we will determine whether FVU Start is the right course for you.

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Do you want to learn more about CEFR?

Our FVU start course is built up on CEFR learning goals

Read more about CEFR

Get more details about the course

Read more about our FVU Start course

A clear curriculum and individual feedback

All of our courses, including FVU Start, are based on the levels defined in CEFR. We have learning goals corresponding to CEFR at all course levels. This gives you a clear understanding of what the course aims to achieve and the results you can expect.

Your teacher maintains an awareness of the learning goals and ensuring that you build the skills needed to make your Danish more fluent and understandable. You will also receive individual feedback on what you can do outside of the classroom to improve even more, depending on the specific challenges you face in your efforts to master Danish.

FVU Start class schedule

FVU Start courses are held at Copenhagen Language Center’s building at Valdemarsgade 16. You can attend classes in the morning or evening and once or twice a week, according to what best suits your schedule.



Lessons/days per week


8:45 - 12:158 lessons/2 days or 4 lessons/one day


16:30 - 20:008 lessons/2 days or 4 lessons/one day
Course requirements

You must already speak Danish at A2 level or higher, and you must be able to read and write Danish at the A1 level or higher. The aim is to prepare you for FVU Reading or another FVU course.

We require students enrolled in FVU Start to be active participants. We expect you to regularly attend classes and to make time for homework every week. This is essential for keeping up with course instruction and achieving the desired learning goals.

  • you need to have a Danish CPR number
  • you have to be at least 18 years old

Do you have any questions?

Contact us

If you have questions regarding our courses, please contact us by telephone or by email.


+45 33 21 31 31
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