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FVU Reading

Course information

If you already speak some Danish, FVU Reading offers you the opportunity to continue building your Danish skills, free of charge. The course focuses intensively on written Danish – grammar, reading, writing and spelling. Take a deep dive into the language, improve your understanding by leaps and bounds, and get the help you need to use Danish even more actively in everyday life.

The course is the perfect choice if

  • You want to get better at reading and writing in Danish.
  • You want to continue your education in Denmark (9th grade, vocational programs, AMU courses, etc.).
  • You already speak some Danish (minimum lower intermediate level).
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  • Course details:

    Classroom sessions:

    • Morning, evening or Saturday
    • Standard, Plus or Online
    • Designed to fit your life
  • Class size:

    12 – 20 students per class

  • Lessons:

    Standard: 4 lessons per week
    Plus: 2 x 4 lessons per week
    Online: 2 x 3 lessons per week

  • Total days:

    Standard: 1 day a week for 12 weeks
    Plus: 2 days a week for 8 weeks
    Online: 2 days a week for 8 weeks

  • Expected self-study

    2-3 hours per week

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Danish reading, writing and spelling

Good and through Danish instruction – free of charge

FVU Reading offers highly competent Danish instruction without costing you a cent. This Danish course gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself and improve your command of the Danish language. FVU Reading improves your Danish skills by giving you:

  • A broader vocabulary and better understanding of written and spoken Danish.
  • A thorough introduction to Danish grammar.
  • Writing, reading and spelling practice, designed to fit into your busy life.

Everyone with Danish as a second language can sign up for FVU – no matter how long you’ve been in Denmark and no matter how many Danish courses you have previously taken. However, you must have a Danish CPR number and you must be at least 18 years old. Before you can enroll in FVU Reading you have to come in for a screening. The screening consists of an interview and a short written test and takes around 1,5 hours.

We offer FVU Reading morning, evening, Saturday and online.


Find your level

Immerse yourself in the language


Take a deep dive into the language, improve your understanding by leaps and bounds, and get the help you need to use Danish even more actively in everyday life. FVU Reading is divided into four levels and an intro level (FVU Start). If you need to strengthen your spoken Danish skills before getting started with FVU Reading, FVU Start is a good option. 

FVU Reading gives you access to:

  • A passed FVU level 3 will qualify you for 9th grade
  • A passed FVU level 4 will qualify you for vocational training (combined with FVU mathematics, level 2)
  • A passed FVU level 4 can also be used for your application for Danish citizenship

Before you can enroll in FVU Reading you have to come in for a screening. Based on the screening, we assess your current Danish skills and place you at the level best suited to you.

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FVU Reading
FVU Reading

Thorough classroom instruction

What do you learn at the different levels

Our expert teachers plan the course instruction to achieve a balanced focus on spelling, writing and reading. All of the classroom instruction is in Danish, which means you’ll also have the chance to hone your speaking skills and expand your vocabulary.

We use current texts from newspapers, websites, books, etc., and continuously adapt course content to the interests and needs of the participants. If you need Danish at work or in school, we can help you with the very texts and assignments you are battling with.

Level 0 (FVU Start) Focuses on spoken Danish and prepares you FVU Reading. Read more about FVU Start.

Level 1 and 2 Focuses on writing simple words and short texts. We also read different types of text e.g. newspaper articles and brochures

Level 3 and 4 Focuses on using words that are more complex and on written argumentation. We explore Danish grammar in depth and read professional texts. 

Each level concludes with  an exam. 

Do you want to learn more about CEFR?

Our Guideline for courses and learning goals

Read more about CEFR


Read more about FVU Reading

A clear curriculum and individual feedback

All of our courses, including FVU Reading, are based on the levels defined in CEFR. At all levels, we have clear learning goals that are directly tied to CEFR. This ensures that you can always keep track of the course goals and the results you can expect.

Your teacher keeps these learning goals in mind at all times, and can give you feedback on how quickly you are learning Danish. You can also get individual feedback on what you can do to get even better, depending on your specific challenges.

Course requirements

FVU Reading and writing at Copenhagen Language Center is for all foreign citizens and Danish citizens with a non-Danish background who need to improve their Danish spelling, writing and reading skills.

You must pass a screening before enrolling in FVU. The screening includes an interview as well as a written test and takes about 1 hour and 30 minuttes.

The screening will determine whether FVU is the right programme for you. The screening also shows at which level you should enter the programme.

You need to:

  • have a Danish CPR number
  • have a certain level of Danish
  • be at least 18 years old
Learning goals for the four levels

FVU Reading is divided into four levels. Based on the screening, we assess your current Danish skills and place you at the level best suited to you. In other words, you may be offered enrollment in Level 3 even if you’ve never taken an FVU Reading course before. This is simply because you have already learned so much Danish that you wouldn’t benefit from Level 1 and 2.

The four FVU Reading levels build your Danish skills from the basics at Level 1 to complex skills at Level 4. As with all our other courses, the instruction is planned and designed according to a set of clearly defined learning goals. In the following, we provide an overview of the learning goals and content at each level of FVU Reading:

Level 1

Reading: We use simple everyday texts, such as timetables and recipes. You will also get tips on reading techniques and build your vocabulary.

Writing: You will learn to write short, simple texts, such as messages, short letters, to-do lists, etc.

Spelling: You will learn phonetic spelling – spelling words where the sounds are written like they are pronounced. We practice all letter sounds in Danish and you will learn to divide words into syllables.

Grammar: You will learn basic grammar, such as understanding the difference between verbs, nouns and adjectives. You will also learn how to express singular and plural nouns, and how to use the present and past tenses.

Level 2

Reading: We read texts that you encounter in everyday life – newspaper articles, letters, bills, etc. You will strengthen your reading technique and expand your vocabulary.

Writing: You will learn to write everyday texts, such as instructions at work or a letter to your family.

Spelling: You will learn to spell words that contain silent letters, words with double consonants and words borrowed from other languages.

Grammar: You will learn about word classes, compound words and more, while practicing verb conjugation and other basic grammar.

Level 3

Reading: You will learn to adjust your reading technique according to how you need to use the text. Reading a newspaper article for informational purposes is different from reading important instructions or a letter that you have to reply to!

Writing: You will learn to compose well-functioning texts, such as a complaint letter or a description of an event.

Spelling: You will learn to spell irregular words and words borrowed from other languages.

Grammar: You will learn about word formation, correct sentence structure and the interplay between main clauses and subordinate clauses.

Level 4

Reading: You will learn to read academic texts on topics that form the basis for discussion and expressing your views. You will learn to analyse points and arguments in texts that are relevant to your current or future professional field.

Writing: You will learn to engage in academic disussion in writing, as well as how to formulate arguments and support your points. You will be given a major assignment of writing a five-page text on a subject of your choosing.

Spelling: You will learn to spell technical words and words of foreign origin, and we will review the spelling patterns for the many Danish words derived from Latin.

Grammar: You will review and solidify your knowledge of the rules of Danish grammar, and we will practice good text composition.

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