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Preparation course for Danish Exam

Course information

Passing the Danish Exam (PD3 or PD2) requires extensive and thorough preparation. In this course, we help you practice and build every skill tested in the exam.  You can count on detailed feedback on your progress and how you can continue to improve.

Is this course for you?

  • You have signed up to take PD3 or PD2 on a self-study basis, or you are enrolled in the B2 course at the module 5 level.
  • You want thorough, competent and relevant preparation for the exam.
  • You speak English and have at least 12 years of schooling.
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  • Course details
    • review of the exam’s components and practice exams using actual past exams.
    • work on text composition, reading strategies and oral presentation
    • get detailed feedback on your oral and written skills.
    • the teacher is a former examiner for the Danish Exam.
  • Number of participants

    12 – 20 participants

  • Number of lessons

    3 lessons per week

  • Number of days

    1 day per week

  • Expected self-study

    Between 2 and 5 hours per week

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Prepare thoroughly to take (and pass!) the Danish Exam

We’ll cover the reading, writting and speaking parts of the exam

If you’re planning to take the Danish Exam (PD3 or PD2), chances are that you’re a little nervous about what to expect and how you’ll do. We’re here to help you get completely prepared for your big moment – the day of the PD3.  We have many years of experience in preparing students for the exam – that’s why we know how to deliver the instruction and guidance you need to feel assured and to maximize your chances of success.

Our exam preparation course gives you:

  • Introduction to the Danish Exam and the skills needed to pass.
  • Thorough practice to build every skill tested in the exam, and useful tips on text composition, reading strategies, oral presentation, etc.
  • Ongoing assessment of your current speaking, writing and reading skills – and detailed feedback on how you can improve.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The Danish Exam itself is NOT INCLUDED in the course. You must sign up for the PD3 or PD2 no later than September 2 through one of the schools that conducts the exam. Read more here.


Find your level

  • Pre-advanced

1.500 kr.

The price includes?

Course unit Danish Exam PD3

Learning Goals:
  • You have a good understanding of the structure of both the oral and written parts of the Danish exam 3.
  • You have the necessary reading strategies, vocabulary and knowledge about the structure of the reading part of the exam.
  • You know what the written part requires and you can build argumentative texts.
  • You can present a monologue, discuss an unprepared topic and understand the examiner's questions.
Few seats left

Preparation course - Danish Exam - PD3

Hold-nr. 113-0980

  • Period:
    26 September 2019 - 28 November 2019
  • Weekday:
  • Time:
    16:30 - 19:00
  • Teacher:
    Kim Petersen

Københavns Sprogcenter

Tøndergade 14

1752 København V

Few seats left

Preparation course - Danish Exam - PD3

Hold-nr. 114-0290

  • Period:
    26 September 2019 - 28 November 2019
  • Weekday:
  • Time:
    19:15 - 21:45
  • Teacher:
    Kim Petersen

Københavns Sprogcenter

Tøndergade 14

1752 København V

Our way of teaching Danish

Targeted instruction from experts

When preparing you for the Danish Exam 3 (PD3), we draw on our many years of experience as PD3 examiners. Remember that your teacher is a former PD3 examiner. That’s why we’re so good at giving you practical and tangible instruction for every aspect of the exam.

The course materials include past versions of actual PD3s, helping you familiarize yourself with the structure of the exam. We work with reading strategies, practicing vocabulary, and common grammatical errors. 

  • A thorough introduction to the complete Danish Exam 3.
  • A review of how the components of the exam are assessed by the examiners.
  • Thorough instruction in structuring and composing texts for the written portion of the exam, helpful reading strategies, and preparing your presentation for the oral part of the exam.
  • An assessment of your current speaking, writing and reading skills – and the help you need to improve. We use the 7-point grading scale that is also used in the Danish Exam.

Through numerous written assignments, oral presentations and individual feedback from your instructor, you’ll build an understanding of your strengths and improve your weaknesses in the Danish language.

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More about Preparation course for Danish exam 3

Course structure

Although an exam like the PD3 is a serious matter, we make sure to keep the atmosphere in the classroom sociable, friendly and relaxed. You and your classmates will have the opportunity to discuss your expectations and concerns about the exam, and support each other in the process of building confidence as the big day approaches.

The reading and writting parts of PD3

In the first six class sessions, we focus on the written composition and reading comprehension components of the exam.

The speaking and listening parts of PD3

In the last two class sessions, we focus on the oral component of the exam. In the final class session, you’ll get feedback on your exam presentation, since you’ll have received the topic for the exam by that time.


Schedule for preparation for the reading and writing part of the exam:

  • Thursday 26 September
  • Thursday 3 October
  • Thursday 10 October
  • Thursday 24 October
  • Thursday 31 October
  • Thursday 7 November 

There are no classes on October 17 and November 14.

Schedule for preparation for the oral part of the exam:

  • Thursday 21 November
  • Thursday 28 November
Course requirements

You must speak English and have attended school for at least 12 years to enroll in the PD3 preparatory course. In order to achieve the learning goals of the course, it is essential that you participate actively in the classroom. We expect you to regularly attend classes and to spend at least two to five hours a week on homework.

The course is for everyone who has signed up to take the PD3 exam – even if you think that you’re very good at Danish and expect to pass the exam with flying colors. In our experience, you’ll achieve better results if you’ve practiced in advance with an experienced teacher and are completely familiar with the exam’s structure and assessment criteria.

Do you have any questions?

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If you already know some Danish and you are in doubt about your level, sign up for a free placement test for continuing Danish learners with our student counselors.

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Preparation course for Danish Exam

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