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    Our Saturday Danish Course is perfect if you have more time for learning Danish on weekends. You can look forward to a rapid progression.

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Danish Course on Saturday

Course information

Our Saturday Danish Course is perfect if you have more time for learning Danish on weekends. You can look forward to effective teaching methods and rapid progression. The classroom lessons focus on equipping you to use Danish – speaking, listening, reading and writing – in all aspects of your everyday life.

Is this course for you?

  • Ideal if you have more time during the weekend
  • You speak English and have at least 12 years of schooling

If you are unsure about your level, book a free placement test with our student counselor to find the right course for you.

ALTERNATIVES :  Online Danish Course  

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  • Education type
    • classroom sessions
    • fast-progression
    • combined with self-study
  • Number of participants

    12 – 20 participants

  • Number of lessons

    A1 – A2 – 3 lessons per week
    B1 – B2 – 4 lessons per week

  • Number of days

    1 day per week

  • Expected self-study

    Minimum 2 hours per week

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Classes on Saturdays will return in 2022

We look forward to offering you Danish classes on Saturdays again in 2022.

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Fast-paced Danish course on Saturday

Fit your Danish classes into a busy everyday life

Our Saturday Danish Course is a good choice if you can study independently and effectively. You’ll get intensive Danish instruction on Saturday mornings, combined with online materials for self-study when it suits your schedule. We prioritize learning as much as possible during our time together in the classroom, rather than repeating or reviewing your homework. This course gives you:

  • Intensive classroom instruction to ensure that you quickly and effectively learn Danish.
  • Access to online materials for self-study when you have the time.
  • A flexible learning process where you can adjust the tempo as needed.

During the beginner and elementary levels, we lay the foundation for your Danish language learning journey. Our intermediate and pre-advanced levels focus primarily on enhancing and expanding your conversation skills.

We incorporate current issues into the coursework and use the surrounding city in our instruction. The course employs a wide spectrum of learning methods, all of which actively engage and involve you.

Our way of teaching Danish


Our Saturday Danish Course participants often have busy weekday lives filled with work, studies and family time. But on Saturdays we meet up fresh and motivated to learn Danish. Expect a fast-paced Danish course!

When not in school, you’ll have access to our online universe of materials for independent self-study, enabling you to practice and refresh what you’ve learned in the classroom.

  • A lesson plan for each Saturday session.
  • Self-correcting assignments.
  • Reading, writing and listening assignments.
  • Pronunciation training.
  • Relevant apps and links.

Although the classroom instruction is fast-paced, learning Danish on Saturdays is far from boring! We take pride in using a wide range of relevant and effective teaching methods. After all, you deserve a little added spice in the classroom if you dedicate your weekends to learning Danish!

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We also make sure that you and your classmates get to know each other well, giving you the opportunity to share experiences and help each other learn Danish even faster. It’s fun to learn Danish with others who are in the same boat.

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Do you want to learn more about CEFR?

Our Guideline for courses and learning goals

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Clear learning goals and competent instruction

We offer Saturday Danish Courses at almost all levels – beginner, intermediate and pre-advanced. All of our courses are based on the levels and language skills set out in CEFR. We use CEFR as a guideline for defining the relevant learning goals of each course and classroom session.

As a result, our instruction is always rooted in clear goals relating to the skills you must learn by the time you complete a course. The teacher will continuously monitor and assess your progress in relation to these goals, and can always give you feedback on what you can do to improve.

Upon completion of a Saturday Danish course unit – with the required attendance  – you will receive a diploma indicative of the course and CEFR level that you have participated in.


To enroll in a Saturday Danish course unit, you must:
- Have a good command of English 
- Have at least 12 years of schooling

Classroom instruction will be in Danish as much as possible. English will be used to a lesser extent for conveying complicated instructions and important information.

We also expect that you attend classes consistently. With just one classroom session weekly, you will miss out on a lot by skipping even a single class. You must also spend at least two hours a week – and preferably more – on homework and self-study to get the desired results from the course. 

Saturday Danish Course is a good choice if you can study independently and effectively. Instruction during classroom sessions is intensive and fast-paced, so it’s important that you’re prepared to take responsibility for your own learning. 

Our classes are:
  • Without deposit and voucher scheme and with no limited timeframe to learn Danish
  • With flexibility to take breaks between units and shift between course types as it suits your schedule and work situation
  • Available to everyone with good familiarity with English and at least 12 years of schooling.
  • Tailored to your needs instead of being aimed at passing centralized module tests

Do you have any questions?

Contact us

If you have questions regarding our courses, please contact us by telephone or by email.

If you have questions regarding our courses, or if you are not quite sure which Danish course suits you best, please contact us by telephone or by email. You are also welcome to visit our reception in Valdemarsgade 16.

If you already know some Danish and you are in doubt about your level, sign up for a free placement test for continuing Danish learners with our student counselors.

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