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Online Danish for doctors & health professionals

Course information

As a healthcare professional, you are judged by patients and colleagues for much more than your professional expertise. You must also be able to communicate complicated information in concise, clear and precise Danish. Our Danish course for doctors and healthcare professionals is designed to help build your medical vocabulary, while also adding more nuance to your Danish and improving your pronunciation.


  • You are a trained doctor, dentist, nurse or physiotherapist.
  • Your Danish skills are completed A2 level or higher.
  • You already work or are seeking employment in the Danish health service.
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    Online Danish instruction

    • Rapid progression
    • 1 live and 1 streamed video session per week
    • Adapted to your needs as a healthcare specialist
    • Focus on pronunciation and conversation

    12-20 participants


    4 lessons per week – 32 lessons per course


    2 days per week (2 lessons per day)


    4-6 hours per week

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Specialized Danish for healthcare professionals


Designed for healthcare professionals, this Danish course gives you:

  • A flexible course structure that can be combined with a busy work life.
  • Opportunities to exchange experiences with classmates who share your professional background and needs.
  • Vocabulary and language tools for your brief meetings with patients.

Our Danish course for doctors and other healthcare professionals helps you build the language skills you need in your everyday work with patients. We practice active listening and questioning techniques, and explore language etiquette and politeness in Danish.

You will learn Danish terms used in the health service, as well as everyday terms for parts of the body, bodily functions, symptoms, pain and emotions. We work with the small nuances of language, such as communicating instructions, recommendations and explanations. Using simple language tools, we practice methods for avoiding misunderstandings and for managing and reducing conflicts in conversations with patients. You will also get a basic introduction to the Danish patient-doctor relationship, as well as insight into norms, culture, and unwritten rules in the Danish healthcare sector.


Find your level

  • Intermediate/pre-advanced

Teaching methods


The instruction takes place online, twice a week. In one of these two weekly sessions, you will actively participate via our videoconferencing system. You will interact with your teacher and your classmates and do online group work – with an emphasis on conversational exercises. The second class session consists of video that your teacher records in advance.

These recorded videos include detailed reviews of linguistic skills, specific exercises and small homework assignments that are relevant to your needs and the overall learning goals. After the online class session, you will work with the topics covered in the form of independent online exercises and assignments that you will submit to your teacher. A large share of the course materials is authentic and based on everyday situations experienced by healthcare professionals.

As a course participant, you will have access to our online universe, where you can follow the course curriculum and find relevant materials for independently practicing your Danish.

Our online universe includes:

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  • All information about your course, including lesson plans, course participants and assignments.
  • Self-correcting assignments and individual feedback on assignments submitted to your teacher.
  • Texts and listening exercises at all levels.
  • Quizzes and other assignments for additional practice.
  • Relevant links, apps and much more.

You will also have the opportunity to contribute your own materials for use in the course, and suggest topics and challenges that are relevant to you and the other course participants.

Online Danish Teaching methods

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Danish for doctors and healthcare professionals

A clear curriculum and individual feedback

All of our courses, including Danish for doctors and healthcare professionals, are based on the levels defined in CEFR. We have learning goals corresponding to CEFR at all course levels, which ensures that you can always keep track of the course goals and the results you can expect.

You teacher also keeps these learning goals in mind and can give you feedback on your progression at any time. You can also get individual feedback on what you can do to get even better, with a focus on your specific challenges.

Requirements for online Danish course participants

An online course is not an easy solution. It is convenient to be able to participate in instruction no matter where you are, but it requires that you take responsibility for your own learning. You must participate consistently in the class sessions and devote sufficient time to independent studies.

To participate our online Danish course for doctors and other healthcare professionals, you must:

  • Have a headset, a good computer with a webcam, and a stable internet connection.
  • Participate in the video conferences.
  • Dedicate at least 4-6 hours a week – and preferably more – to independent studies using our online universe.
  • Turn in assignments on time.

In return, you can expect to learn Danish quickly and effectively – and to use your Danish in practice with your online classmates.

If you lack the required IT skills or the discipline to complete an online course, we can always offer you a more traditional Danish course with classroom sessions at Copenhagen Language Center.

Flexible instruction and qualified instructors
Qualified instruction for your everyday work with patients

The coursework is based on your everyday experiences as a healthcare professional. We review and work with the terms and the situations you encounter in clinical settings. In addition to language skills, the course also improves your ability to:

  • Interpret cultural differences.
  • Express emotions and convey experiences.
  • Identify the use of exaggeration and understatements.

You will also gain insight into the flat hierarchy and Danish expectations regarding the roles of the care provider and patient. The course is as closely tied to your professional practice as possible – so if you are facing a specific challenge in your work, you are welcome to discuss the issue in class sessions.

Flexible teaching

Learning Danish should be an option even if you have a lot of other things going on in your life. You’re probably often busy at work, and you also need time for your family, friends and hobbies.

Our Danish course for healthcare professionals requires that you participate in one to two class sessions per week (one live and one streamed class session). You can watch the streamed video recording whenever it fits into your schedule, but we expect that you dedicate at least 4-6 hours a week to your homework assignments and independent exercises.

We give you access to our online universe, where you will find a wealth of exercises and materials for flexible independent study whenever it suits your schedule. This means that you can adjust the intensity of your studies according to need and desire. If you have extra time on your hands at some point, you can always find extra materials for practicing and improving your Danish.

We also recommend that you do everything in your power to use Danish in your everyday life! You will learn much faster if you try using Danish in real world situations.

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