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    With an intensive pronunciation course, you can get a grip on the sounds so that you understand Danes better – and so that the Danes understand you!

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Danish Pronunciation course

Course information

Danish phonetics are in a league of their own, and many people find that pronouncing Danish words is a barrier to their ability and courage to speak Danish in everyday life. Our course in Danish pronunciation can help you wrap your head around Danish pronunciation.

Is this course for you?

  • A course for improving your pronunciation
  • A practical course in Danish pronunciation that focuses intensively on the most common challenges
  • The course is suitable for all, but not recommended if you are at an A1 level

If you are unsure about your level, book a free placement test with our student counselor to find the right course for you.

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  • Education type

    Classroom sessions:

    • with active involvement
    • across language levels
    • optional individual feedback
  • Number of participants

    12 – 14 participants

  • Number of lessons

    3 lessons per week

  • Number of days

    1 day per week

  • Expected self-study

    Minimum 1 hour per week

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How do you say “Rødovre”?

What do you get out of this course

Most people who learn Danish agree that the sounds of the Danish language are impossible! Danes do not articulate even half of the words as they are written, and many of the sounds are swallowed in the process. And Danes stare at you in bewilderment if you slightly mispronounce even a single vowel. Therefore, it can really pay off to devote extra energy to cracking the code of Danish pronunciation.

Our course in Danish pronunciation covers all skill levels and can help you wrap your head around Danish pronunciation. We follow a fixed program of eight classroom sessions, each of which features a specific theme that has stumped many.

  • The vowel system
  • The soft “d” and the Danish “r”
  • Stressed and unstressed syllables
  • Pronunciation of endings
  • Sentence melody

Correct your pronunciation in Danish

Work on the most common danish pronunciation challenges

Often you cannot hear when you are making mistakes in pronunciation, or understand why it is so difficult to produce the right sounds. Our pronunciation course teachers can give you individual feedback on what you need to work on, and how. Even though the themes are set in advance, we work with words and phrases based on your everyday life.

You only receive two lessons at a time in a pronunciation course, as practicing pronunciation is demanding for the mind and your vocal muscles. We make sure that you get a thorough review of the main challenges, but in a tempo that you can keep up with.

You will have the opportunity to practice with others facing the same problems – in a safe room where we can laugh together about the hopeless Danish sounds, but without laughing at each other.

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More about our Danish Pronunciation Course

Who can attend the pronunciation course?

The pronunciation course is for students that have at least a A1.2 level, as the challenges of pronunciation are similar regardless of whether you have recently started learning Danish or have spoken Danish well for many years.

This is a supplementary course that focuses exclusively on pronunciation. If you are a beginner or in the starting stages of learning Danish, we recommend that you take one of our standard courses alongside this course.

When to take a pronunciation course?

A pronunciation course can be part of an extended process of learning Danish:

  • You can take the course alongside another course.
  • You can take the course during a break between other courses.
  • Or you can take it long after you have completed your Danish studies.

Do you have any questions?

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If you have questions regarding our courses, please contact us by telephone or by email.

If you have questions regarding our courses, or if you are not quite sure which Danish course suits you best, please contact us by telephone or by email. You are also welcome to visit our reception in Valdemarsgade 16.

If you already know some Danish and you are in doubt about your level, sign up for a free placement test for continuing Danish learners with our student counselors.

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