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    It’s easy to learn Danish if you already speak a Nordic language.We focuse on the small differences – spoken and written – between Nordic languages and Danish.

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Danish for Scandinavians

Course information

It’s easy to learn Danish if you already speak Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic or Faroese. At Copenhagen Language Center, you can take a Danish course specially designed for Nordic students. Classroom instruction focuses on the small differences – spoken and written – between the Nordic languages and Danish.

Is this course for you?

  • You speak Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic or Faroese
  • You want to learn the differences between Danish and your language

If you are unsure about your level, book a free placement test with our student counselor to find the right course for you.

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  • Education type
    • classroom sessions
    • course units based on topics
    • intensive and targeted
  • Number of participants

    14 – 20 participants per class

  • Number of lessons

    3 lessons per week

  • Number of days

    1 day per week

  • Expected self-study

    Minimum 2,5 hours per week

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Danish classes for Scandinavians

Danish is easy – if you speak one of the Nordic languages

With our Danish for Scandinavians course, you will effectively improve your comprehension and ability to make yourself understood in Danish. We work intensively on improving your Danish.

Danish for Scandinavian is relevantes for both beginners who have never spoken Danish, and for those who already have some experience with the language. In both cases, you can expect rapid progress that will make everyday life in Denmark easier.

  • Significantly expand your Danish vocabulary.
  • Improve your pronunciation.
  • Build your reading comprehension.

Focus on pronunciation and conversation

This is how you become better at Danish

Our Danish for Scandinavians course provides a systematic review of pronunciation differences between Danish and Swedish/Norwegian. We practice articulating the most difficult Danish sounds and focus on pronunciation in all situations. This will improve your comprehension of spoken Danish, while also improving your ability to make yourself understood when conversing with Danes.

Pronunciation is the key to comprehension between Scandinavians. With improved pronunciation, you will also enjoy stronger conversational skills. We practice everyday conversation and help you understand the rules governing word order and sentence structures in Danish.

We will focus, among other, on the following challenges:  

  • Definiteness in noun phrases
  • Adjective and verb endings
  • Modal verbs
  • Word order in sentences

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The course aims to sharpen your awareness of the minor differences so that you can formulate yourself precisely and appropriately in written and spoken Danish.

I just completed an 8 week course in Danish for Scandinavians. My teacher was fantastic! I was highly sceptical of his approach (I am more of a ‘textbook and rules’ sort of learner) at the beginning, but it really does work. I feel my comprehension of Danish and my ability to make myself understood in something resembling Danish without resorting to English have both improved dramatically over the last two months. Cem was always willing to offer extra assistance and feedback, his pronunciation drills were good and I really valued the written homework exercises we were given.

Kristian Nilsson

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Qualified, specially-designed instruction with clear learning goals

Copenhagen Language Center has many years of experience in teaching Scandinavians Danish, so you can count on meeting experience teachers equipped with a proven course curriculum designed to precisely meet your needs.

Since you already speak a Nordic language, you don’t have to start from scratch when learning Danish. Our courses for Scandinavians are based on the levels defined in CEFR. You’ll begin at intermediate level B1-B2 since you already have a basic understanding of Danish and can recognize many words. 

Like all Danish learners, however, even Scandinavians learn the language at very different speeds and face unique individual challenges. Your teacher can give you running feedback on your learning progress and the best ways to overcome any obstacles you encounter along the way.

Enrollment requirements for Danish for Scandinavians

To enroll in a Danish for Scandinavians course, you must speak one of the Nordic languages: Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic or Faroese. If you are Finnish but speak Swedish, this course is also for you. As with our other courses, we require that you have had at least 12 years of schooling.

We also recommend that you to attend classes regularly and participate actively in the classroom. You should expect to spend about two hours a week on homework. This short course delivers major results if you make sure to arrive prepared and participate actively in lessons.

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Danish for Scandinavians