• Advanced Danish Course

    A eight-week intensive Danish course that will further refine your Danish skills and boost your confidence when using the language.

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Advanced Danish Course

Course information

Advanced Danish is ideal for those who already speak Danish well, but want to get even better. Perhaps you’ve lived here for many years and have passed “Prøve i Dansk”, but still don’t feel entirely comfortable when conversing in Danish. With Advanced Danish, you get an eight weeks, intensive Danish course that will further refine your Danish skills and boost your confidence when using the language.

Is this course right for you?

  • You speak Danish well (B2 level or higher), but would like to improve even more
  • You want to have a more natural and fluent command of Danish
  • You have completed at least 12 years of schooling

If you are unsure about your level, book a free placement test with our student counselor to find the right course for you.

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    Classroom sessions:

    • rapid progression
    • four different themes
    • focus on spoken Danish
    • supplemented with digital teaching and learning resource

    12 – 20 students per class


    1 x 2 lessons per week
    16 lessons in total


    1 day per week

  • Expected self-study

    At least 2 hours per week

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Improve your confidence in your Danish


With an Advanced Danish course at the C1 level, you will quickly get even better at Danish. You will gain tools to help you express yourself more freely and elegantly, giving your communication skills a serious boost.

In the classroom, you will get lots of practice in speaking and pronunciation, combined with personal instruction to make your Danish more natural and fluent. We work actively to increase your vocabulary, enabling you to better express your beliefs, opinions and personality in Danish.

What will you get from this course?

  • Intensive conversational training that strengthens and expands your Danish skills.
  • Tools to help you express yourself more freely and elegantly in spontaneous conversations.
  • Strategies that make you better equipped for conversations in Danish.

Instruction in Advanced Danish


In these courses, we focus on linguistically demanding situations from everyday and working life. We explore debates/discussions, grammatical points of focus, presentations and current events. The activities are designed to ensure personal feedback from your teacher many times in the course of a lesson.

All of our Danish courses at the C1 level revolve around themes, and you can choose the course that interests you most. We use a wide variety of materials to explore different types of dialog and spoken language, including radio programs, television and films, music and reading aloud.

With this course, you get:

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  • Improved pronunciation and a richer, more varied vocabulary.
  • Greater confidence in your Danish when engaging with Danes.
  • Stronger comprehension and an enhanced ability to express yourself.
  • Instruction from highly professional and dedicated teachers.

Our Danish teachers are experienced and specially trained in teaching Danish as a second language. They have personally helped students with all of the challenges you might meet along the way, even at the highest levels of learning.

Intensive Danish Course at Copenhagen Language Center

Do you want to learn more about CEFR?

Our Guideline for courses and learning goals

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More about our Advanced Danish Classes

A clear curriculum and individual feedback

All of our courses, including Advanced Danish at C1 level, are based on the levels defined in CEFR. At all levels, we have clear learning goals that are directly tied to CEFR. This ensures that you can always keep track of the course goals and the results you can expect.

Your teacher keeps these learning goals in mind at all times, and can give you feedback on how quickly you are learning Danish. You can also get individual feedback on what you can do to get even better, depending on your specific challenges.

After the course, you’ll receive a certificate of completion for the C1 level.

Course instruction, homework and independent study when you have the time

Our Danish courses at the C1 level revolve around certain themes. This is because we know that a genuine interest in the topic can really improve the speed of progress in any form of learning. We have designed these courses to ensure that you’re motivated to talk about a given subject and can incorporate your own views and thoughts into classroom discussions.

Advanced Danish courses are offered with four different general themes:

  • Local & Global
  • Society & Communities
  • Work & Life
  • Identities & Lifestyles

You can choose the course that interests you most, and we promise that all four courses draw on authentic materials and current issues. Based on the level and learning goals, your teacher will adapt throughout the course to keep you challenged and continue improving your Danish. 

We expect that you dedicate at least two hours a week to homework assignments, such as listening exercises and making audio recordings of yourself speaking Danish. These efforts will ensure that you achieve the desired results from the course.

Our online universe

We also give you access to our online universe, where you will find a wealth of exercises and materials for flexible independent studies to practice and refresh everything you learn in the classroom, including:

  • A lesson plan for each classroom session.
  • Self-correcting assignments.
  • Texts, listening exercises and pronunciation training.
  • Quizzes, relevant apps and links.

The independent exercises enable you to adjust the intensity of your learning. When you have extra time on your hands and the motivation to learn, you can always find extra materials for practicing and improving your Danish.

Admission requirements for Advanced Danish Courses at the C1 level

To enroll in an Advanced Danish Course, we require that you have completed at least 12 years of schooling and that you speak Danish at a level of +B2 or higher.

The classroom instruction is almost entirely in Danish, and English will be used to a very limited extent to convey complex instructions and important information.

Advanced Danish is for those who can study independently and effectively. Instruction during classroom sessions is intensive and fast-paced, so it’s important that you’re prepared to take responsibility for your own learning.

We also expect that you attend classes consistently. With just four weeks of instruction, you will miss out on a lot when you are absent. You must also spend at least two hours a week – and preferably more – on homework and independent studies to get the desired results from the course.

Do you have any questions?

Contact us

If you have questions regarding Private Danish lessons, or if you are not quite sure which Danish course suits you best, please contact us by telephone or by email.

Need help choosing your level? If you already know some Danish and you are in doubt about your level, send an email to adm@kbh-sprogcenter.dk, and a student counsellor will get in touch with you to arrange an assessment.

You are also welcome to visit our reception in Valdemarsgade 16 during opening hours.

+45 33 21 31 31
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