Group classes

Københavns Sprogcenter (Copenhagen Language Center) has entered into an agreement with Studieskolen

Københavns Sprogcenter (Copenhagen Language Center) has entered into an agreement with Studieskolen which means that from 1 August 2022, Københavns Sprogcenter will be a part of Studieskolen.

Both language schools are known for offering Danish classes of high quality, and this will of course continue after Københavns Sprogcenter becomes Studieskolen.

Studieskolen also conducts language courses in all main languages, and has excessive experience in tailor-made language courses for businesses.

Please contact Studieskolen by mail og telephone for further information or to book a course:

Email: business@studieskolen

Telephone: +45 33 18 79 40

For more information:

To sum it up, it has beeen the perfect Danish course. I have previously received language training, where the answer to all my questions where: That’s just the way it is. With Copenhagen Language Center I was given real explanations. It has been so great to have a teacher with a true interest for languages.

Chris Calvert, Flash Developer, Wasabi A/S

Danish for groups

Many companies feel a need to offer their international employees serious, productive and customized Danish teaching, that not only facilitate linguistic proficiency, but also creates collegial well-fare and inclusion.

We offer to indentify your employees' linguistic level to determine if we can form the basis for more than one class. From there classes can begin. The course can be our standard versions of Danish classes, but can also be tailor made to your specific needs. 

Among others, we teach at:

  • Nordea
  • IDA
  • Bain & Company
  • Maersk
  • Alm. Brand
  • Oticon
  • Momondo

The practical part

Teaching can begin once we have clarified:

  • How many employees are interested?
  • How many of them have the same level of Danish, thus how many classes are we establishing?
  • Where and when should the classes be conducted?

Should you have special wishes for the content of the course, we will incorporate this. 

We offer free counseling for all employees to help find their right level. This way we make sure everyone gets in the right class. 

Prices involve classes held Monday-Friday between 8am and 5pm either online, at Copenhagen Language Center or at your address as long as you live within the postal codes 1000-2500.  If you have needs outside this, we will be happy to find a solution for you. Contact us for more information.