Danish vocabulary for Corona life

Danish Covid-19 words and phrases for your vocabulary arsenal. Start practicing and you’ll soon be fit to master the art of corona small talk in Danish.

Corona got you down? Us too.

It’s been a time shaped by tragedy and despair – many of us expats have been very directly impacted by the illness, both here in Denmark and among our families back home.

We would never make light of the situation or subject matter, but lend us your ear and we’ll add some useful Danish words and phrases inspired by the Covid-19 crisis to your vocabulary arsenal. Silver linings in this time of staying at home can be hard to come by, so we hope you’ll appreciate this attempt. With no further ado:

Coronatalk in Danish

You may find yourself with some extra time on your hands these days – especially if you didn’t have to start a new career in the homeschooling your kids industry. This is a golden opportunity to un-flatten the learning curve (sorry, couldn’t help it) and speed up your progress in learning Danish.

Although you might not be attending language school classes in person, the current state of affairs offers some unique opportunities to expand your vocabulary and generally improve your Danish!

One thing that isn’t any different about Danish is the terminology everyone is using to talk about Covid-19.

Put these in your toolbox and you’ll be fit for fight in the world of Danish small talk, news reading, eavesdropping and more:

Hold afstand! = Keep your distance! (Hold distance!)

Smittekæde = Chain of transmission/infection (Infection chain)

Risikogruppe = Risk group

Flokimmunitet = Herd immunity (flock immunity)

Værnemidler = PPE/Personal Protective Equipment (protection means)

Håndsprit = Hand disinfectant (hand spirit)

Samfundssind = Collective/social spirit (Society spirit)

Pas på dig selv og hinanden = Take care of yourself and each other.

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New Danish Corona words


If you haven’t discovered this fact yet, Danish is extremely adept at combining multiple words into one long compound word. A lot of the time, you can just replace the space between any two words with an “s” or just smush them together and you’ve got a new compound word in Danish.

If English were like Danish, we would probably call this smushthemtogethering.

The rise of Covid-19 has led to tons of these words in Danish.

Basically, every adjective relating to life in our times can be smushtogethered with the word corona:

Coronakrise = Corona crisis

Coronakarantæne = Corona quarantine

Coronafrygt = Corona fear

Coronadeller = Corona rolls of fat – a helpful Danish word for the fat deposited by weeks of stay at home-grazing.

Coronakilo = Corona kilogram. Same concept as Coronadeller.

Coronafyringer = Corona firings

Coronahjemsendelse = Corona furloughed. Usually with pay – thanks welfare state!

Coronaramt = Corona impacted. Infected with the disease, or just impacted by life in the time of coronavirus.

Coronakuller = Corona cabin fever

Coronahår = Corona hair. Hairdressers have now reopened, putting an end to the sudden rise in cut-it-yourself solutions, as made popular by the head of the Danish Health Authority, Søren Brostrøm.

Coronahygge = Corona hygge. NOTHING escapes the realm of hygge in the Kingdom of Denmark – and, after all, lockdown offers plenty of time to watch candles burn with those you hold near and dear.

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Back to you

We could go on – and so could you, we’re sure.

Add to the list in the comments below, and stay on the lookout for silver linings out there.

We can’t wait to see you back in class – hopefully soon! <3

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