Danish Speaking Course

Improve your spoken Danish

It can be difficult to keep up with a conversation or to get a word in edgewise while struggling with pronunciation, grammar and finding the right words and expressions. This intensive course focuses on spoken Danish and your conversational skills.

Danish Course
Danish Course
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Copenhagen Language Center offers intensive courses focusing on spoken Danish and your conversational skills. A course in speaking Danish can be taken independently of our other courses.

Is this course for you?

- The ideal course for practicing conversational skills and spoken communication.
- Intensive course based on everyday situations in your life.
- Significantly improve your communication skills with this short.

Course information

- 16 lessons and 4 weeks per course unit
- one day per week (17:00 – 20:30)
- courses start in week 36
- 12-20 course participants

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Danish Speaking Course

(per course unit)
The price includes

The price includes

  • Exercises, videos, examples and instruction
  • Our digital platform
  • Course materials 

Without deposit and voucher scheme and with no limited timeframe to learn Danish

With flexibility to take breaks between courses and shift between course types as it suits your schedule and work situation

Available to everyone with good familiarity with English and at least 12 years of schooling.

Classes are tailored to your needs instead of being aimed at passing centralized module tests

Work on your Danish speaking skills

Your primary aim when learning Danish is improving your ability to understand and speak with Danes. It can be difficult to keep up with a conversation or to get a word in edgewise while struggling with pronunciation, grammar and finding the right words and expressions.

Copenhagen Language Center offers intensive courses focusing on spoken Danish and your conversational skills. A course in speaking Danish can be taken independently of our other courses.

Danish speaking skills

  • Learn common expressions and greetings.
  • Practice improvised conversation and giving prepared presentations.
  • Build your active vocabulary and ability to construct sentences correctly.
  • Improve your comprehension of Danish expressions and pronunciation.
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Danish conversation is challenging

Many people who learn Danish find spontaneous conversation to be very challenging. This goes for everyone, regardless of level, but the problems vary depending on how good you are at Danish.

For example, many beginners find that they can understand written texts in Danish, but that speaking Danish is an insurmountable obstacle.

If you’re at a higher level of Danish, you may find that it takes an eternity to formulate a sentence, and that you often express yourself clumsily and imprecisely. These problems can be solved with a course in spoken Danish!

No matter how incomprehensible spoken Danish may seem at first, your communication skills will improve significantly with a short course in speaking Danish.

Course unit overview

You can take multiple Danish Speaking Course units in a row, or you can take a single course when you have the time and energy to focus on learning Danish.

Danish Speaking Course Units

Danish speaking course units


Elementary/Lower intermediate (A2 - B1.1) 

(supplementary to module 2 and 3)
DKK 998

Intermediate/Pre-advanced (B1.2 - B2)

(supplementary to module 4 and 5) 
DKK 998

Advanced  (C1)

(supplementary to module 6)
DKK 998

What will you learn in a course in speaking Danish?

Our courses in speaking Danish are offered at all levels, and the classroom instruction will be based on real-life situations where you and your classmates speak Danish. This may include at work or in school, when shopping, playing sports, visiting the doctor, etc.

We spend a lot of time in class speaking with each other, so you’ll get plenty of practice in conversing and feeling comfortable with speaking Danish.

Practice spoken Danish

  • Get a lot of practice in speaking Danish, helping you to become more confident and secure when speaking Danish.
  • Learn common phrases, making it easier for you to engage in conversation in everyday situations.
  • Gain tools to help you express yourself more freely and elegantly in spontaneous conversations.
  • Expand your active vocabulary within the subjects you need in everyday life.
  • Acquire strategies for handling spontaneous comprehension problems, such as ways of reformulating sentences, asking for further details, explanations, etc.
  • Share experiences with others at your level, in a secure learning environment.
Just keep talking and listening! 

Just keep talking and listening! 

It takes practice to get really good at speaking Danish. And you should practice a lot. However, many people find it difficult and intimidating to use Danish in their daily lives, as they often have the option of switching to English instead.

A course in speaking Danish will force you to speak – and there’s nowhere to hide! We practice all forms of spoken communication. You’ll have the opportunity to speak and the opportunity to listen. The ability to listen to and decode spoken Danish, which may often seem muddy and unarticulated to non-native speakers, is also vital.

We review everyday situations in which you would like to be able to communicate in Danish, and we practice spontaneous dialog. You will also be asked to give a presentation on a topic in a way that can be understood by others. We thereby work with prepared and unprepared conversations, practicing your vocabulary and pronunciation in every aspect of the coursework.

We employ a wide variety of materials to explore different types of dialog and spoken language, including radio programs, television and films, music and reading aloud. You will sometimes be assigned homework that involves listening exercises and making audio recordings.

Learning goals and individual feedback at all levels

Learning goals and individual feedback at all levels

Our courses in speaking Danish serve as a supplement to our standard courses. This means that, whereas our other courses focus on all aspects of Danish – listening, speaking, pronunciation, writing and reading – this course only deals with listening and speaking.

Like our other courses, these courses are based on the language skills defined for each level in CEFR. But a course in speaking Danish only focuses on oral language skills. The learning goals are defined according to CEFR, and your teacher will continuously adapt the instructional methods and themes so that you and your classmates achieve these learning goals.

Our Danish teachers are experienced and specially trained in teaching Danish as a second language – so they are familiar with all of the challenges you may encounter in the process of learning Danish. They can help you with the development of your spoken Danish, no matter your current level. At all times during the course, you can also get individual feedback from your teacher and good advice on ways of overcoming the challenges you face.

Requirements for course participants

Requirements for course participants

As with our other courses, to enroll in our speaking Danish courses we require that you have had at least 12 years of schooling and are proficient in English.

We also expect you to attend classes regularly and participate actively in the classroom. The course consists primarily of classroom instruction, with only limited homework. However, you will get the most out of the course if you make sure to speak Danish and practice what you have learned in the time between classes. 

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Questions about our speaking Danish courses

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