Danish Course Standard

Learn Danish without interruptions or detours

Learn Danish quickly and effectively with a focused Danish course. Our Danish Course Standard can be combined with a busy work life.

Danish course
Danish course
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Learn Danish quickly and effectively with a focused Danish course. Our Danish Course Standard can be combined with a busy work life.

Is this course for you?

- The right course if you want to learn Danish quickly and effectively.
- Ideal if you have a busy lifestyle.
- You speak English and have at least 12 years of schooling.

Course information

- 21 lessons and 6 weeks duration per course unit
- Classes once a week from 5:30pm to 8:30pm 
- 3 - 5 hours of homework weekly
- 12 - 20 participants per course

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Danish Course Standard

(price per course unit)
The price includes

The curricula for Danish Course Standard is based on a particular text book. You can either borrow or buy the text book from us at a reduced price.

In addition you get access to:

  • Exercises, videos, examples and instruction
  • Our digital platform
  • Course materials and textbook
  • Online dictionary
  • Other online learning tools

Without deposit and voucher scheme and with no limited timeframe to learn Danish

With flexibility to take breaks between courses and shift between course types as it suits your schedule and work situation

Available to everyone with good familiarity with English and at least 12 years of schooling.

Classes are tailored to your needs instead of being aimed at passing centralized module tests

Exactly what you need to learn Danish

Fit your Danish classes into a busy everyday life

We give you focused instruction that covers the relevant language skills at your level. Beginner, intermediate or pre-advanced – you’ll always find a relevant Danish Course Standard to match your level.

We focus on giving you the necessary vocabulary and understanding of grammar to get started with using Danish in your daily life. The course has a special emphasis on speaking and pronouncing Danish to ensure that you can quickly start interacting with Danes.

Danish Course Standard is the right choice if you need to fit your Danish classes into a busy everyday life. You will have classroom instruction once a week, plus online materials for self-study when it suits you.

Classroom instruction is streamlined to provide the most essential learning. We progress quickly and the teaching is focused and efficient. Therefore, you must be prepared for a certain amount of homework to get the most out of the course.

The course covers:

  • Written and spoken Danish – we practice listening, reading, speaking and writing.
  • Special focus on conversation and pronunciation – we practice Danish phonetics, phrases and figures of speech.
  • Danish for everyday use – we adapt the teaching to your needs.

Learning Danish is fun!

enjoyable and effective Danish classes

Danish Course Standard students often come to class directly from work. Therefore, the teaching must be fun and varied to maintain a high energy level in the classroom. We have many years of experience in motivating and inspiring our students – even when it’s later in the day and hunger starts creeping in!

We love teaching Danish and this enthusiasm shines through in our courses! Our primary mission is teaching you Danish – when you have time and in the most enjoyable and effective way.

This Danish course is fun because:

  • We use quizzes, games, films and music to provide varied teaching methods and materials.
  • We base our teaching on your everyday life and need for Danish.
  • You learn together with others in a close-class environment!

We ensure that the atmosphere in the classroom is comfortable and informal, giving you the opportunity to get to know your classmates. Together you will explore the Danish language and share your experiences with using the language in real life.

Danish Course Standard - course unit overview

You can take multiple course units in a row, or you can take a single course when you have the time and energy to focus on learning Danish. If you have a very busy everyday life, we recommend that you consider our Online Danish course or our Saturday Danish course instead.

Beginner course units
Beginner course unitsprice
Beginner course one A1.1 (equiv. to DU3 module 1.1)DKK 998
Beginner course two A1.2  (equiv. to DU3 module 1.2)DKK 998
Elementary course one A2.1 (equiv. to DU3 module 2.1)DKK 998
Elementary course two A2.2 (equiv. to DU3 module 2.2)DKK 998
Intermediate course units
Intermediate course units


Intermediate course unit B1.1 (equiv. to DU3 module 3.1)DKK 998
Intermediate course unit B1.2 (equiv. to DU3 module 3.2)DKK 998
Upper intermediate course unit B1.3 (equiv. to DU3 module 4.1)DKK 998
Upper intermediate course unit B1.4 (equiv. to DU3 module 4.2)DKK 998
Pre-advanced course units
Intermediate course units


Pre-advanced course unit B2.1 (equiv. to DU3 module 5.1)DKK 998
Pre-advanced course unit B2.2 (equiv. to DU3 module 5.2)DKK 998

With Danish Course Standard, you can expect to learn Danish without interruptions or detours. But that doesn’t mean it has to be boring! We focus on creative teaching methods that make it fun to learn Danish – even when you’re learning it quickly.

CEFR - Common European Framework Reference of Languages

A clear curriculum and individual feedback

All of our courses, including Danish Course Standard, are based on the levels defined in CEFR. At all levels, we have clear learning goals that are directly tied to CEFR. This ensures that you can always keep track of the course goals and the results you can expect.

You teacher keeps these learning goals in mind at all times, and can give you feedback on how quickly you are learning Danish. You can also get individual feedback on what you can do to get even better, depending on your specific challenges.

Self-study when you have the time

Learning Danish should be an option even if you have a lot of other things going on in your life. You’re probably often busy at work, and you also need time for your family, friends and hobbies.

Our Danish Course Standard only requires you to attend class once a week. You can expect to use at least three to five hours a week on homework.

We give you access to our online universe, where you can find a wealth of exercises and materials for flexible self-study whenever it suits your schedule. This enables you to adjust the intensity of your studies according to need and desire. If you have extra time for a period of time, you can always find extra materials for practicing and improving your Danish.

In our online universe, you'll find:

  • Digital exercises and quizzes.
  • Reading and listening assignments.
  • An overview of themes covered and the plan for upcoming classes.
  • A forum for discussion with other course participants.

We also recommend that you do everything in your power to use Danish in your daily life! You will learn much faster if you try using the language in practice. Find inspiration for using Danish by checking out our blog.

Requirements for you as a course participant

You must speak English and have attended school for at least 12 years to enroll in Danish Course Standard. If you do not meet these requirements, we recommend that you take FVU Reading instead.

We require all Danish Course Standard students to be active participants. We expect that you regularly attend classes and that you spend at least three to five hours a week on homework. This is essential for keeping up with course instruction and achieving the desired learning goals.

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