Danish for Professionals

Learn Danish with peers in a professional and social network

Learn Danish in a professional and social network with other expats working in the same field as you. Designed for highly educated professionals with a busy work life, Danish for Professionals is an intensive language programme that focuses on the Danish workplace culture.

With a Danish CPR number, you can learn Danish free of charge at Copenhagen Language Center. New students enrolling in Danish courses will be charged a refundable deposit of DKK 1,250.

Classes take place every Monday 5.30pm - 8pm at Flæsketorvet 60.

Next course start January 2018

The next Danish courses for Professionals (beginners and intermediate classes) start in the beginning of january 2018. 

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Danish tailored to the needs of busy professionals

Danish for Professionals combines Danish lessons with a professional network. You will join a class where every student is trained or working in your industry or a similar industry.

Currently, we offer instruction at two levels: beginner (module 1) and intermediate (module 2 and 3).

The course provides Danish lessons tailored to the needs of busy professionals, combined with the opportunity to meet industry colleagues who share your professional interests.

We also offer a range of facilities and activities to supplement your Danish lessons.

Danish lessons for professionals


Our Danish course for professionals consists of 3 levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced. The course programme entails:

  • One weekly class in traditional classroom setting (attendance is mandatory)
  • Intensive programme with Danish aimed for the workplace
  • 2 to 5 hours self-study every week

Your progress is important and every module concludes with a test.The final course concludes with the Danish language exam (PD3).

Learn Danish with peers

Danish for professionals gives you:

  • Danish lessons, while helping to build your professional network.
  • A Danish curriculum designed for those with a busy work life.
  • A professional platform offering mutual inspiration and discussions on Danish workplace culture.
  • A network of professional expats who are facing the same language and cultural challenges as you.
  • A linguistic foundation for long-term employment in Denmark.

Danish for Professionals is for you ...

... who work in the knowledge industries, e.g. communication, science, IT, finance, engineering, etc. You are highly educated, motivated to learn Danish – and you can speak and understand English.

The coursework in Danish for Professionals focuses on Danish as it is used in the workplace and everyday life. In the higher modules of the programme, we work more intensively on industry-specific Danish, with an emphasis on written and spoken Danish that you can use at the workplace.

Course requirements and information:

You can find answers to your questions about Danish for professionals at Copenhagen Language Center below. If you still have any unanswered questions, you are always welcome to contact us.

Course requirements

Danish for Professionals is for students enrolled in Danish course 3. The professional network is an essential component of the programme. We expect you to participate actively, contributing input and proposing topics that are relevant to discuss in the network.

Prerequisites for enrolment in Danish for Professionals:

  • You are highly educated and work with your profession in Denmark
  • You are motivated to learn Danish and meet professionals working in the same or a similar field.
  • You can speak and understand English.
The programme

Danish for Professionals is flexible, high quality instruction designed for those with a busy work life. The programme consists of Danish lessons with a focus on the  Danish workplace culture.

Currently, we offer instruction at two levels:

  1. Basic (module 1)
  2. Intermediate (modules 2-3)

The course utilises blended learning, comprising one weekly classroom session + online assignments that can be completed when and where it suits you.

We meet in the network group every Monday, 17:30-20:00 at Flæsketorvet 60.

Course information

With Danish for Professionals, you join a team of students working in the same field as you – technology, communication, science, IT, finance, etc.

Danish for Professionals offers effective instruction and the flexibility required by those with a demanding professional career.

Danish for Professionals is divided into three levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Before the start of the course, your Danish skills will be evaluated by our counsellors to determine which level best suits you.

Danish for Professionals is designed for those with a busy work life. We meet once a week in the classroom for Danish lessons. Knowing that available time fluctuates in the lives of professionals, the course allows you to flexibly plan how much time you spend each week on extra learning.

You will have access to our online universe featuring everything needed to improve your Danish, including:

  • Texts and assignments
  • Listening exercises
  • Pronunciation training
  • Relevant links, apps and much more

We meet in the classroom once a week, where the instruction is designed to develop your spoken Danish, pronunciation and vocabulary. At the intermediate and advanced levels, we add a focus on written Danish, which will prove helpful in your everyday life and on the job.

The Danish for Professionals classroom sessions are dedicated to networking, including presentations and discussions about the challenges of working in Denmark.

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