Individual Danish Lessons

Danish instruction tailored to personal needs

Individual Danish lessons for international employees

Do you have a foreign employee in need of Danish instruction – and do you want an effective and intensive approach? Then one-on-one instruction through Copenhagen Language Center may be the right solution.

In an individual course, the teacher will come to the workplace and instruct the employee precisely when it suits you. A course of this nature will typically be for one employee, but can accommodate up to three employees if they are at the same skill level.

With just a few participants at a time, the instruction is personalized and tailored to their unique individual needs. Working intensively with an individual student ensures that they can’t hide among classmates and delivers rapid progress.

Individual Danish instruction

Customized individual Danish lessons

Individual Danish instruction is the right solution if:

  • The employee needs very specific Danish skills for job duties such as reporting, customer service, etc.
  • The employee needs to quickly learn Danish – the course progression is much faster than with classroom teaching.
  • The employee has a changing and hectic workday, and cannot commit to attend regularly scheduled classes.
  • The employee is reserved and shy, and needs a secure and confidential space to try his/her hand at Danish.
  • The employee wants an exclusive and personalized course
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Excellent mentor course that perfectly matched my needs. It exceeded my expectations in many respects. I have not only improved at Danish, but I’ve also improved my understanding of Denmark’s working culture, including communication in the workplace.

A shortcut to better Danish

A shortcut to better Danish

It probably comes as no surprise that you learn Danish faster when you have the full attention of the teacher than in a class of students. Individual instruction is tailored to the participant’s needs, with learning objectives, methods and a tempo that matches their personality and everyday life.

Employees can significantly improve their Danish in just a short time with an individual course, and it is an effective way to focus on very specific language skills. Perhaps an employee is about to assume new responsibilities that require specific Danish skills. It can also be a good idea to offer individual Danish instruction when onboarding new foreign employees, which will help them get off to a good start in Denmark.

Individual instruction at all levels

We can provide individual instruction at all levels, from beginning to intermediate learners – and it can even be a good solution for those with advanced Danish skills but linguistic challenges that they cannot overcome on their own. Perhaps pronunciation remains difficult, or written communication is still choppy. And then there are employees who speak Danish at an advanced level, but who will not be satisfied until their language is flawless. Just a few hours of individual instruction can help them achieve fluent Danish.

Many years of experience in all industries

Copenhagen Language Center has offered individual instruction throughout its 25 years as a provider of Danish as second language courses. We have provided instruction of employees at all levels in a broad spectrum of industries. Here are some examples of the workplaces where we’ve taught Danish:

• Ørsted
• McDonald’s
• Codan Forsikring
• Dorte Mandrup A/S
• Jobcenter København
• Frederiksberg Municipality

Individual Danish instruction at Dorte Mandrup A/S

Customer testimonial

American-born architect Sonia Cohan works at the Danish architectural firm Dorte Mandrup A/S, which offered her the opportunity for intensive, one-on-one Danish instruction with a teacher from Copenhagen Language School. They meet at the firm once a week.

Like many other highly educated foreign professionals living in Copenhagen, English is the business language at Sonia’s workplace. She doesn’t explicitly need Danish for her job, but it still makes sense to dedicate some effort towards learning the language.

Dorte Mandrup A/S currently has several Danish courses underway for the firm’s foreign architects. All of the courses are structured as individual instruction with a teacher and one or two employees – an approach that maximizes results for the participants.

With one-on-one Danish lessons, I force myself to use Danish as much as possible. I could hide in a classroom, but here I have to give it a shot. It’s pretty convenient that the teacher comes to our workplace. In fact, it’s really the only way I can find the time for learning Danish, because I work a lot.

Sonia Cohan, employee at Dorte Mandrup A/S

Conditions for individual instruction


We offer individual instruction for anyone who has Danish as a second language, regardless of current skill level.

We can also offer instruction for Danes who need to improve their spoken or written language skills. For example, their Danish skills may be diminished after many years of living abroad, or if they are assigned new tasks that require improved Danish skills.

Individual instruction is generally designed for a single participant, but we also have good experience teaching two or three people at the same time – on the condition that they have relatively similar Danish skills and learning goals. 


We can teach on-site at workplaces anywhere in Greater Copenhagen. We recommend that the instruction is provided at the workplace. You must provide suitable classroom, such as a meeting room, with a door that can be closed to prevent disruptions.

If you prefer, the instruction can also take place at our school, located at Valdemarsgade 16, 1665 Copenhagen V.

Note! We can also offer online Danish instruction via video conferencing to any location in the world.


We plan an individual course in close dialog with the employer and participating employee. Based on your goals, we prepare a curriculum for your approval before we get started. The curriculum can be adapted at any time if your goals and needs should change. We always assess individual courses thoroughly and report back to the employer and employee with recommendations for further learning.

An individual course can also include a language assessment, where we conduct a thorough assessment of the employee’s Danish skills – listening, speaking, reading, writing and pronunciation.

All offers for individual instruction include transport, preparation and all materials.

I work in English, and my employer doesn’t require that I can speak Danish. But they appreciate that I can understand what’s going on at meetings and the like. It makes my work much easier.

Sonia Cohan, employee at Dorte Mandrup A/S

Individual Danish lessons

Danish lessons for international employees

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