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Free skill development courses for bilingual employees

Free FVU courses for companies

No matter the industry and no matter the job, it can cause problems if employees lack written or mathematical skills. In today’s world, almost nobody can perform their job duties without dealing with some form of written communication, from packing slips and timesheets, to registration systems and more.

FVU is a free educational program for bilingual employees who could benefit from improving their reading, writing and mathematical skills. We offer skills-building courses through FVU Start, FVU Reading and FVU Mathematics.

FVU Reading and writing benefits

Danish Reading, writting and spelling proficiency

The purpose of FVU Reading is to build and improve skills relating to spelling, reading, reading comprehension, writing and the applied use of texts such as manuals, messages, letters, e-mails, magazines, newspapers, etc.

If needed, your employees will begin by taking FVU Start, an introductory program for those who lack the necessary skills to start with FVU Reading.

  • Increased professionalization through better and more correct written Danish.
  • Increased reading comprehension improves the potential for using written communication at the company.
  • Higher efficiency through more confident and correct use of written language.
  • New and improved skills equate to increased job satisfaction.

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We adapt the course instruction to the needs of your company, ensuring that your employees receive training in relevant written work tasks, while using examples of common mistakes and phrases in your everyday operations.

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FVU Reading

FVU Mathematics for employees

Improve mathematical skills

FVU Mathematics is for adults who speak Danish well and would like to improve their mathematical skills. The course instruction can be adapted to the challenges employees face at work and in everyday life.

Employees will learn to understand their payslips, create a budget using Excel, calculate with percentages and other basic mathematical skills.

Benefits for companies

  • Employees improve their ability to work with and understand numbers-based information.
  • Improved accuracy in measurements and calculations.
  • Correct use of forms such as timesheets.
  • Improved computer skills.

Course information

Who can participate?

The course is designed for bilingual students who could benefit from practicing and building their reading, writing and mathematical skills. The course is relevant for all employees, regardless of educational background and job function. We always perform a screening of each individual employee prior to course start-up to ensure that FVU is right for them.

Where and when?

The screening and instruction can be provided for free on the company’s premises if at least 12 participants are enrolled in the course. On-site instruction for fewer than 12 employees is also available if the company pays a portion of the course costs. Alternatively, your employees can always be referred free of charge to relevant courses conducted at Copenhagen Language Center.

The lessons can be scheduled according to your needs and wishes. We recommend approximately eight lessons per week with 12 weeks per level, or four lessons per week with 24 weeks per level.

Your company can decide between offering the course during or outside of working hours. You can also decide between making the course mandatory or optional.



Both courses are divided into levels that conclude with an exam. Each level consists of 40 to 80 lessons. FVU Reading consists of four levels and FVU Mathematics consists of two levels. Some employees need to complete all of the levels, while others can suffice with a single level, depending on their motivation and existing skills.

How do you get started?

If you are interested in building your employees’ skills, we can help you determine whether FVU is relevant solution. The process is adapted to your needs, but will typically proceed as follows:

  •  The first step is a conversation, where we learn a little about your company, employees and skill-building needs.
  • The next step is a screening where we test the relevant employees to assess the potential benefits of FVU and, if applicable, the level at which they should begin.
  • We will also assess the potential for conducting a course on-site at your company. The screening is free of charge and non-binding.
  • We will then plan the specific instruction and agree on the time, location and duration of the course.

Once the course has begun, we will be in ongoing contact with you and help to coordinate the lessons to fit in with the rhythms and demands of your daily operations.

Financial support for companies or employees

SVU offers financial support for educational purposes, enabling continuing education activities during working hours. If, as an employer, you choose not to pay your employees for the time spent on the course, they can apply to SVU for compensation. If you choose to pay your employees for the time spent on the course, you can apply to SVU for reimbursement of lost manpower. Read more at www.svu.dk.

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