Danish courses for companies

Danish instruction at the workplace

Do you have foreign employees who want to improve their Danish skills? We offer on-site Danish courses at your workplace – when it suits your schedule, and tailored to the needs of your employees, business and industry. Drawing on our extensive experience in teaching Danish at the workplace, we will design a course to deliver precisely the results you want.

You can choose one of our existing courses or we can custom-design a course to meet your unique needs. No matter the solution you choose, we always adapt our instruction to accommodate your company and the individual wishes of your employees.

Danish courses for employees

Find the right Danish course for your employees

These courses are designed as group instruction. If you only have one to three employees who are interested in Danish instruction, we recommend that you arrange a course with individual instruction instead. 

The following provides an overview of the courses most frequently sought by companies. If you do not find what you are looking for, or if you would like us to prepare an offer for you, don't hesitate to contact our Business Consultant Line Bendixen:

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Danish Course Standard

For employees who want to learn or improve basic Danish skills, we offer a course that touches on all aspects of the language: listening, speaking, pronunciation, reading and writing. Our primary focus is on everyday communication, but we also incorporate basic grammar and relevant texts.

Danish speaking and pronunciation
Danish speaking

Many foreign employees understand Danish, but they find it difficult to get started with speaking the language in their daily lives. With a course in speaking Danish, we give them tools for understanding and participating in meetings, chatting over lunch and conversing on the telephone.

Danish pronunciation

Pretty much everyone who learns Danish agrees that the sounds of the language border on the impossible. With a pronunciation course, we help your employees gain command of the soft d, the Danish r, all of the insane vowel sounds, and much more that will vastly improve their ability to understand and be understood in Danish.

Online Danish Course

If you have employees at multiple locations or employees who travel frequently and have changing working hours, an online course might be the right solution. Depending on your needs and wishes, all or most of the lessons will take place via video conferencing.

Danish for Scandinavians

Swedish, Norwegian and other Nordic employees often have a desire to improve their Danish comprehension. A short and focused course can significantly improve their verbal and written communication skills. Danish for Scandinavians focuses primarily on pronunciation, the key grammatical differences between the Nordic languages, and the participants’ vocabulary.

Danish writing and reading
Danish writing and reading

If you have employees who need to read and write Danish on the job – e-mail correspondence, reports, etc. – we can plan a course designed to build these very skills. Remember that we can also help to set up free instruction via FVU Reading at your workplace.

Danish at work improves well-being and employee retention

Many foreign employees of Danish companies have discovered that learning Danish makes life in Denmark – and at the workplace – easier. Even when the working language is English, informal conversations and meetings take place in Danish – not to mention life outside the workplace. Everyday life in Denmark isn’t necessarily internationalized just because the business world is.

Therefore, Danish can be essential to helping international employees get settled in Denmark. Otherwise, they will quickly seek new horizons in pursuit of a good working and family life. Retention is the primary motivation for our corporate customers. For several years running, the successful Danish company Momondo has offered foreign employees after-work Danish lessons once a week. These courses improve satisfaction at the workplace and employees’ general well-being in Denmark.

Danish for members, students or others

personalized Danish lessons

We can provide Danish instruction wherever a class of students can be gathered. It doesn’t have to be a group of colleagues – for example, we have extensive experience in teaching international students enrolled at educational institutions in Denmark.

We also have a close cooperation with the Danish Society of Engineers (IDA), which offers Danish courses for its international members. As a trade union, they have an interest in helping their foreign members get off to a good start with working and living in Denmark.

Read more about IDA’s experiences in an article from the trade union’s magazine, Ingeniøren (in Danish).

We can see that language plays an important role in retaining employees in Denmark, because it is a crucial parameter for well-being. We can also see that Danish skills is often cited as a triggering factor in termination cases.

Sara Berthou, growth consultant at IDA

Criteria for Danish courses for companies

Geographical area of coverage

We can provide instruction at workplaces anywhere in Greater Copenhagen. Our online Danish courses can be provided anywhere in the world.


To arrange a Danish course at your workplace, you must be able to gather a group of employees or others at a similar level and with similar goals for learning Danish. The more homogenous the group, the more targeted our instruction can be – maximizing progression and satisfaction in the process.

We can teach at all levels, from beginner to highly advanced learners who want to refine their Danish skills.


The prices of our Danish courses for companies are based on an assumption that you provide a suitable classroom for the course. You can also offer the courses at our facility in Vesterbro for an additional cost per lesson.

A suitable classroom is understood as a meeting room or similar, with a door that can be closed to prevent disruptions. We expect that that the classroom is equipped with:

  • Chairs and desk space for all participants
  • A projector or smart screen for digital presentation
  • Internet access
  • A flip chart, whiteboard or chalkboard

It is also beneficial (but not mandatory) if you can provide a locker and a copier for use by our instructors.