Danish classes for companies

Københavns Sprogcenter (Copenhagen Language Center) has entered into an agreement with Studieskolen

Københavns Sprogcenter (Copenhagen Language Center) has entered into an agreement with Studieskolen which means that from 1 August 2022, Københavns Sprogcenter will be a part of Studieskolen.

Both language schools are known for offering Danish classes of high quality, and this will of course continue after Københavns Sprogcenter becomes Studieskolen.

Studieskolen also conducts language courses in all main languages, and has excessive experience in tailor-made language courses for businesses.

Please contact Studieskolen by mail og telephone for further information or to book a course:

Email: business@studieskolen

Telephone: +45 33 18 79 40

For more information: https://www.studieskolen.dk/en/erhverv

Copenhagen Language Center offers customized Danish courses for Danish workplaces. We have many years of experience in classroom teaching and one-on-one teaching for foreign employees at all levels. We will gladly help to identify your employees’ needs and plan custom solutions that match the rhythm and demands of your workplace.

The instruction is flexible and can be planned exactly as you wish. We offer instruction from 8am-5pm on weekdays (contact us for other times). The instruction can take place at your company’s office if it is located in within the postcodes 1000-2500. You can also choose to receive instruction at our language school in Vesterbro or online.

Our courses and individual instruction can be adapted to focus on specific areas and provide qualification for specific job functions.

The course was well delivered and very informative. It was tailored to our needs and helped our team immensely. We received excellent service and it is very likely that we will use Copenhagen Language Center again.


The key to jobsatisfaction, staff retention and progression

Danish classes are an essential part of keeping international workers in the company. We know how much people benefit from Danish classes in their social life, both inside and outside the workplace. 

To the international employee speaking Danish will have a huge impact both professionally and privately. Danish helps at work, where speaking and understanding Danish is an undisputed advance in building better relations to both colleagues and customers. Privately, it will increase the connection to Denmark and to your sense of self to be able to understand emails from your kids' school, public offices or even just talking to your neighbour. It also helps understanding the culture and the Danish society, which will minimize the risk of the emloyee leaving. 

What's in it for the company?

Danish companies are recruting internationally like never before. Unfortunately, not all new employees get comfortable in Denmark. And when a new employee leaves too soon, it means  lost knowledge, lost production and requires a new recruting process = NO Return On Investment. 

It is not work-related challenges making internationals leave Denmark again, but rather challenges with culture and language. Therefore, it is a win-win situation for the company to offer Danish classes to internationals: 

  • Employees will get a new skill set, usable both at work and privately
  • Offering Danish classes will give the company good-will from the employees
  • Through the classes the employee will get insight into Danish culture and language = staff retention
  • The company protects its investment in recrutted staff

What our customers say

To sum it up, it has beeen the perfect Danish course. I have previously received language training, where the answer to all my questions where: That’s just the way it is. With Copenhagen Language Center I was given real explanations. It has been so great to have a teacher with a true interest for languages.