Danish lessons for businesses

Danish at the workplace for international employees

Offering Danish language training to international employees is key to ongoing business success. It will bring an abundance of benefits for your company and the employees involved. Companies that encourage international employees in Denmark to learn Danish has:

  • a higher employee satisfaction and thereby retention
  • a better understanding of Danish work culture and business practices

Copenhagen Language Center offers Danish language courses at all levels for international employees.

Subject specific Danish for businesses

Select a tailored and subject specific Danish course in the workplace if your company has a large number of employees that could benefit from a Danish language boost. Or, try our Danish mentor programme, if you only have a few employees who need to enhance their Danish language skills.

The Danish language training can be focused on either:

  • Bilingual employees who need to boost their Danish skills
  • International employees who want to learn Danish

A flexible solution

Our Danish courses for employees are flexible and can be designed to your requirements. In collaboration with your company, we can tailor an effective and unique Danish language course using one or several of the steps below:

Danish at our school
Danish at your business
Clarify Language Proficiency     √     √
Danish for beginners     √     √
Subject specific Danish classes     √
Mentor programme     √
FVU – Danish reading and writing     √    √
Module test (CEFR)     √     √
Learn more about the different types of courses for Danish in businesses:

Danish for beginners

The employee will follow a basic course and complete the Danish program for beginners. The course is flexible and we can adapt the course to your specifications - both in terms of subject-specific content and working hours.

We offer Danish for beginners for both international employees and their spouses.

Danish mentor programme – upgrading Danish language proficiency

A Danish language mentor is the solution, when an employee needs a Danish language boost in order to optimize their professional qualifications.

Copenhagen Language Center provides Danish language mentoring in areas such as administration, customer service, healthcare, transport and the financial sector.

The mentor can provide competent linguistic feedback on all levels - individually or in small groups.

Our mentor program entails:

  • Clarification language proficiency
  • Intensive pronunciation
  • Introduction to professional terminology
  • Language revision of proposals and reports
  • Training in presentation
  • General upgrading of language skills
  • Courses in intercultural communication
  • E-learning

We work with:

  • Recording of spoken language in work situations
  • Photo and video recording
  • The company's own material
  • Techniques for reading difficult texts
  • Various pronunciation programs
  • Telephone skills training
  • Letter and email correspondence
FVU - Advanced written Danish as a second language

Our FVU course is offered to employees who already speak Danish as a second language and who might benefit from additional Danish focusing on the written word and / or reading.

Learn more about FVU Danish reading and writing.

Online Danish for businesses

Flexible online Danish course - where and when it suits you!

You can learn Danish without attending classes at Copenhagen Language Center. We offer a modern and flexible online Danish course with varied and targeted online teaching methods suited your needs and expectations.

You can concentrate on learning Danish at a pace that suits you and your everyday life.

Learn more about our online Danish course.

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