Danish for UCC students

Copenhagen Language Center offers Danish courses for UCC students

Most Danes speak English well – but we are much better at Danish. And we prefer to speak Danish.

Copenhagen Language Center offers a Danish language course for beginners to UCC students. You will receive:

  • Result-oriented and modern teaching
  • A good command of basic Danish
  • Knowledge about Denmark and the Danes

What do I get?

With a focus on pronunciation and everyday communication we provide intense Danish language training and will help you take the first steps in Danish language learning.

In class you will have a good interaction with your classmates and you will gain a better knowledge on Denmark and the Danes.

You will receive a textbook and access to our online universe

What does it cost?

The course and the materials are free!

Any questions?

If you have any questions regarding Danish language training as a UCC student please send an e-mail to Claes Mørkeberg.

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