Danish courses while studying

Danish for international students in vocational and higher education

Copenhagen Language Center provides Danish courses tailored specifically to both vocational and higher education allowing international students to develop their Danish rapidly and consistently.

The Danish language training offered to international students is based on the free Danish language programme.

Classes can take place either at Copenhagen Language Center or at your educational establishment.

Our Danish language training can be targeted towards either:

  • current students and staff that require additional Danish lessons
  • new international students who want to learn Danish

Together with your school, we can tailor a unique Danish language programme including one or several different of the steps below:

Clarify Language Proficiency
Danish for beginners
Subject specific Danish classes  
FVU – Danish reading and writing (√)
Qualifying course  
Module test (CEFR)
Danish language and culture for beginners - for international students

The students will be offered a basic course and follow the Danish programme for beginners. The course is flexible and can be adapted to different study programmes - both in terms of subject-specific content and student schedule.

Danish language as part of a qualifying course

Danish language training can also be combined with an academic qualifying course, which potential students must attend before being accepted into your educational programme. In order to qualify for the educational programme, the students must complete a basic academic course as well as a Danish language test at Copenhagen Language Center.

Naturally, we can provide subject-specific content tailored to the educational programme.

FVU - Advanced written Danish as a second language

Our FVU course is offered to students or employees who already speak Danish as a second language and who might benefit from additional Danish focusing on the written work and / or reading.

Learn more about FVU Advanced written Danish

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Contact Copenhagen Language Center if you need further information about Danish language training for international students or would like to set up a meeting.

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Danish while studying

Specially designed Danish courses for international students