Get the best out of your life in Denmark through a better understanding of Danish society and the unspoken codes of conduct. You will learn more about work culture, the school system, networking and society in our culture courses. Find out more about the four courses below.

Danish Work Culture

How to succeed at the Danish workplace

What really guide the behavior of my Danish collogues – rules, orders or perhaps something else? Is my boss serious when asking my opinion on his/her decisions? How do I excel at work without breaking the ‘Jantelaw’?

Understand the Danish mindset, the flat hierarchy and the many unspoken rules of the workplace, even those the Danes themselves are hardly consciously aware of. Learn to navigate the secret codes of the Danish workplace in a safe and open-minded setting with expats like yourself.

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Parenting & The Danish School System

How to raise children within the Danish school system

Why is there such a focus on group work in Danish schools? Is there really no discipline? Will my parenting style be at odds with the Danish mentality?

Understand how the lives of modern Danish children came to be this way, and gain insight into the principles of the Danish school system. Learning about the values of Danish parents and teachers will help you adopt an approach to parenting in a new culture, as well as offer you the opportunity to network with other parents in a similar position.

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Network in Denmark

How to network in Denmark

Do the Danes ever meet up after work? How will I make new friends in Denmark, when Danes seem to have all the friends they need? How can I find sports clubs other than the usual fitness centers?

The Danes are often described as difficult to get to know. Settling in a new country is a lot easier when you know how to network and make new friends with the locals. Discover the tools needed to make lasting friendships in a closed off Scandinavian atmosphere and learn how to network in Denmark.

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Understand Denmark & The Danes

How to understand Denmark and the Danes

Why are the Danes happy to pay high taxes? Why does everybody seem to think the same way? Are they really among the happiest people in the world? Is happiness even possible in the darkness of the Danish winter?

Denmark’s small, largely homogenous society has an unusual history. Understanding this history and the pillars upon which Danish society is built is crucial to thriving here, whether it be for the long term, or just for a limited time. Get a better understanding of Denmark in a fun and active way with other expats like yourself. 

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