Wienerbrød (Danish pastries)

We’ve asked a Danish course 2 – Module 5 class to sample eight different types of wienerbrød. Here’s what they had to say.

Danish pastries

Wiener-what? What is wienerbrød (Danish pastries)? How does it taste and can you actually  develop a love of wienerbrød if you taste it for the first time as an adult?

We’ve asked a Danish Course 2 – Module 5 class to sample eight different types of wienerbrød. Here’s what they had to say.

Danish pastries

Ai Li (China)

"Today we tasted a lot of different kinds of wienerbrød: frøsnapper, tebirkes, chokoladebolle, kanelgiffel, direktørsnegl, spandauer and brunsviger.

My favourite is spandauer, because it looks and tastes really good and is very crisp."

Lina (Dominican Republic)

"The thing I liked the least was the chokoladebolle. There’s a lot of sugar in wienerbrød, but it looks good.

I was really surprised that it was so sweet. People have said that food and drink from my home country is very sweet, but Danes eat wienerbrød and it’s even sweeter."

Danish pastries

Babir (Pakistan)

"It was great to taste wienerbrød, and I’ve eaten a lot of wienerbrød here at the school. It tasted really good - I like tebirkes, which is sweet and smells good, and I also like chokoladeboller."

Farah (Morocco)

"The best wienerbrød was tebirkes because it tastes really good and I love a lot of sugar and cinnamon. It’s great."

Danish pastries

Wei (China)

"It tastes really good. It also smells good, but there’s sugar in the dough. I like frøsnapper the best because it’s not too sweet. I don’t like brunsviger because the pastry has an unappealing colour. It also has a lot of sugar."

Svetlin (Bulgaria)

"I was surprised by how many sweets Danes eat. I like frøsnapper the best because it’s not overly sweet. I also like tebirkes, because it has a pleasant taste."

Danish pastries

Weixin (China)

"The best wienerbrød was frøsnapper because it smells good, and especially because it has sesame seeds. It tastes fantastic. The key is that it doesn’t have as much sugar. It’s a good match for typical Chinese preferences.

The thing I liked the least was brunsviger, because I don’t like too much sugar. Chinese typically don’t eat very many sweets. I don’t think it’s healthy food. Danes like to eat sweets."

Baohong (China)

"The best wienerbrød was tebirkes. When I ate it, I noticed that it smelled and tasted good – so now I have a new breakfast option!

The thing I liked the least was brunsviger. It looks good, but it has a strange taste. I don’t like it – it’s too sweet. It would make me worry about my teeth."

Danish pastries guide for newbies

Tebirkes - pastry with poppy seeds (70 % butter).

Frøsnapper -  same ingrediens as tebirkes but twisted.

Chokoladebolle - bun with cream filling and chocolate.

Kanelgiffel - sugar and cinnamon pastry.

Direktørsnegl - pastry with buttercream, chocolate and nuts (optional).

Spandauer - pastry with cream filling or jam

Brunsviger - soft yeast dough topped with a generous serving of butter and brown sugar. Named after the German town Braunschweig.

Fastelavnsboller - Shrovetide (Danish tradition) bun with different types of filling.

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