Transport in Denmark – a demystification

This blog is for all (or most) of those times when you felt confused while using some sort of transport form in Danmark. As a bonus we’ll throw in some useful vocabulary and questions that might come in handy while traveling in Denmark.

Tips to transport in Denmark

How many times did you find yourself wondering about what you should do after hearing a mumbling voice in the speakers of the bus/train/metro?

Usually if you don’t quite catch the full message, be it due to noise, mumbling or some Danish words you just didn’t understand, you’ll find yourself wondering: Did something happen? Should I be worried? What should I do? Was that just a routine message? Most likely you’ll try to scan your surroundings in search of a friendly face who might help you out.

Well … this blog is for all (or most) of those times when you felt confused while using some sort of transport form in Denmark. As a bonus we’ll throw in some useful vocabulary and questions that might come in handy while traveling in Denmark.

Let's take it from the top with some useful transport specific “terminology”:

Commute and ticket types

Commute friendly vocabulary

Bustoppested (bus station) ... Der er et bustoppested 5 minutter fra hvor jeg bor. (There is a bus station 5 minuttes from where I live.)

Togstation (train station) ... Skal vi mødes ved togstationen? (Should we meet at the train station?)

Trafikprop (traffic jam) ... Beklager forsinkelsen, jeg sad fast i en trafikprop. (I am sorry for the delay, I was stuck in traffic)

Spor (train track) ... Man må ikke gå hen over sporene. (One is not allowed to walk across the train tracks)

Perron (platform) ... Tak fordi du ikke ryger på perronen. (Thank you for not smoking on the platform)

Myldretid (rush hour) ... Du må ikke tage cyklen med i metroen i myldretiden. (You are not allowed to take the bike in the metro during rush hour)

Billetkontrol (show your ticket, now!)

Ticket types

Dagsbillet (one-day ticket)

Ungdomskort (youth card) ... a monthly card at a deducted price, for students only

Rejsekort (travel card) ...usually you get a better price deal with this one

Enkelt og returbillet (single or return ticket)

Pendler -og periodekort (commute and monthly card) ... we are not quite sure what the difference is between these two

Orange-billet (orange ticket) ... special price-reduced train tickets

Handy questions while using public transportation in Denmark

Questions about trains/busses
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What you can ask in the bus and/or train

What messsages can you hear in the train/bus/metro


Toget er linje E til Køge ... the train is line E towards Køge

Næste station Nørreport ... next stop is Nørreport

Her kan du skifte til metro og regionaltog mod lufthavn, linje A, B og C ... here you can change to metro and regional train towards the airport, as well as line A, B and C.

Det er S-tog – linje B kører i øjeblikket efter en ændret plan ... this is S-train - at the moment line B runs after an altered time schedule.  

General information

Ikke i rute ... out of service (for bus)

Toget kører ikke videre ... the train is not going any further.

Vi venter på signal ... we are waiting for signal.

Standser kun ved tryk på stopknappen ... stops only by pressing the stop button.

Vi håber at alle har haft en behagelig rejse ... we hope that all have had a pleasent journey

Hold øje med dine ejendele og husk at tage dem med dig når du forlader toget ... keep an eye on your belongings, and don't forget to take them with you when you leave the train.

I stillekupeen må du ikke tale i mobiltelefon, og der skal være fred og ro ... it is not allowed to talk on the phone in the silent compartment, it has to be quiet.

Pas på lommetyvene ... be aware of pickpockets

Other situations

"Vi kører langsommere, fordi der er sporarbejde på denne strækning" ...We are going slower, because there is trackwork on this section.

"Vi kører videre så snart der bliver grønt signal"
We will continue as soon as there is green signal.


Rejser du med rejsekort, så husk at tjekke ud når din rejse er slut. Skal du videre med bus, tog eller metro så husk at tjekke ind igen
Are you travelling with a travel card, then remember to check out when your journey ends. Should you travel further with bus, train or metro, then remember to check in again.


Back to you

If you are more of a cycling kind of person, then don't miss out our blog about all you need to know about bikes and bike-related Danish vocabulary. Do you have a story to share about transport in Denmark, then use the comments section :D.

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