Tips and tricks to learning Danish

There are many ways to learn a new language. However, simply trying to memorize the dictionary won’t cut it. We believe that learning Danish should be both enjoyable and easy.

Learning Danish

There are many ways to learn a new language. However, simply trying to memorize the dictionary won’t cut it. At Copenhagen Language Center, we believe that learning Danish should be both enjoyable and easy.

We have compiled a list of things you can do to supplement your Danish language training at school. By introducing easy and hopefully funny exercises to your everyday life, we hope to boost your language development and further improve your Danish.

learning Danish

1. Be curious and creative

Forget the text books and the classroom for a minute and consider what you enjoy doing.

How about reading the news in Danish or flicking through a magazine of your choice? As a beginner you have an excellent excuse for reading comics and watching cartoons.

learning danish go native

2. Go native

You can really boost your Danish language skills by interacting with the Danes. Don’t be shy, and remember to be patient, not everyone speaks Danish like your language teacher.

In reality people talk too fast, they mumble, use slang and slur the words. Speaking Danish with the natives is definitely a great opportunity to learn the language from the true experts – the people who speak Danish every day. 

learning Danish tips and tricks

3. Take notes

We recommend that you buy a small notebook and take it everywhere. You can scribble down words and phrases you hear on the street, in the train or on the bus, read on posters or hear on the news.

Little by little, the journal will be filled with funny words and phrases, all of which can be used as inspiration for further learning or to measure your language development.

tips and tricks learning danish

4. Use flash cards and apps

Flash cards and apps are well-documented methods to strengthen your vocabulary when and where it suits you. There are many types of flash cards – both small cards to keep in your pocket or different apps with sound for your mobile phone.

You can practice different words and phrases while waiting in line at the supermarket or on the bus. You can also create your own flash cards for different situations and different topics.

Illustration by Chiara Nicola

5. Be patient and don't give up

Flash cards and creativity can only get you so far. You won’t become an expert overnight. If learning Danish suddenly seems difficult and confusing don’t give up. Did you know that your brain grows when you challenge it with a new language?

Remember to celebrate your small victories and recognize and acknowledge your progress. Your Danish language skills will develop over time, if you pay attention and read, listen to and speak the language. And remember, even native speakers make mistakes.

tips to learning danish

6. Talk, talk, talk..!

This piece of advice is relevant both inside and outside the classroom. Don’t be afraid of using your Danish language skills – be chatty, make mistakes, laugh when you do and learn from it.

Make a deal with yourself and with family and friends to only speak Danish at certain times and situations, fx the weekend or during dinner. Both funny and difficult situations may occur – however, all of it will increase your vocabulary. In time keeping the conversation going will become easier and easier.

Do you need help improving your skills?

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We hope that our suggestions will help you with your Danish language training. Do you have some other tricks and tips? Don't keep them all to yourself and share them in the comments 😉

Our last words of wisdom: Have fun while learning Danish – both at Copenhagen Language Center and in everyday life.

Find more inspiration for your Danish language experience here.


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  • Kasra

    Hvilken app kan jeg installere på min mobil for at hjælpe mig til at lære mere?

    1. ranakishor

      I want to learn danish langage

  • Bea

    Try Memrise application or Duo Lingo. Memrise hepls to increase your vocabulary and Duolingo helps to understand danish grammar.

  • felicia

    Maybe try doing some volunteering work. Like this you can get the chance to mingle a bit with the Danes 😉

  • Camilla

    Another tip is to join a chorus or choir – somehow it is easier to sing Danish words than to speak them. And you will get to know a lot of people that way, too!

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