Much more than excellent Danish language training

Typically, the hearts at Copenhagen Language Center beats for Danish pronunciation, vocabulary and grammatical terms.

...We are, however, also involved in a number of projects, which at first glance don’t seem to have much to do with Danish language training.

When you take a closer look though, the Danish language plays an important part in the two projects below:

7 short films about art

Copenhagen Language Center has conquered the Danish art scene through a partnership with the National Gallery of Denmark and Thorvaldsens Museum.

The partnership involves the project 'OrdVærkSted' (WordWorkShop), where students and teachers from Copenhagen Language Center in collaboration with the National Gallery combine art with Danish language learning and insight into Danish culture.

As part of the project, 7 students from Copenhagen Language Center have developed a number of short films. The students have each selected a different work of art to interpret and present on film.

The 7 short films can be found on the website of the museums and will be used in connection with language training at the museum – as sources of inspiration and for preparing and processing museum visits.

Winner of the The Öresund Committee School Competition

In collaboration with Malmö Borgarskola and Christianshavn Gymnasium, Copenhagen Language Center has won The Öresund Committee School Competition.

The objective of the competition and the project was to promote learning and understanding cross-border through language, music and natural science.

We entered the competition with a project named: 'Music in the language – Language in the music'.

The project took place from the 4th till the 25th of November 2014. The great finale was 3 large concerts - one at each school.

Tanja, Camilla and Knuds classes participated together with students from Christianshavn Gymnasium and Malmö Borgarskola. The big concert at Flæsketorvet took place Tuesday the 25th of November.

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