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If you’ve got an itch to learn Danish but need flexibility, our online courses combine expert instruction with a good dose of independent studies – an ideal cocktail for learning quickly and effectively. In the following, we explain the building blocks behind our online Danish concept.

Expert instruction and flexibility at the same time

Copenhagen is abuzz with busy professionals working in global organizations – and if you’re one of them, we’re guessing that you might not have an empty calendar slot for a weekly Danish course. But if you decide to try learning Danish on your own, chances are that your progress will be significantly slower.

If you’ve got an itch to learn Danish but need flexibility, our online courses combine expert instruction with a good dose of independent studies – an ideal cocktail for learning quickly and effectively.

In the following, we explain how you can learn Danish online and describe the building blocks behind our online Danish concept:

Learn Danish online from anywhere in the world

The only thing you need to participate in an online Danish course is a computer with internet access, a webcam and a headset. In other words, you can be sitting at the airport, in your office, in Sønderborg or in Shanghai, and you can still participate in the course.

In our experience, our online Danish courses are perfect for people with a busy and ever-changing professional life, especially if it involves a lot of travel. But these courses also work like a charm if you reside far from Copenhagen and are having a hard time finding good Danish courses in your local area. You don’t need a Danish CPR number (social security number) to enroll. Online Danish is also perfect for those who will be moving to Denmark soon and want to nail down a bit of Danish in advance.

If you already speak some Danish, we can offer you an online placement test. During the test, we will figure out the perfect level for starting your learning journey with us.

You never have to set foot in a classroom at our school – everything from registration to your diploma can be taken care of remotely!

Contact us to book a time for an online placement test

Combination of online live sessions and independent studies

Our online Danish courses consist of one weekly live session with your teacher, combined with online materials for independent studies. Our online course participants tell us that this is the perfect model for learning Danish when they need flexibility in their everyday lives:

“All in all, I think this is the perfect way of studying independently. I am not lacking anything. I am able to do exercises and attend live sessions, where I can ask questions if I have any. And most importantly, I have the flexibility and access to a lot of extra materials that would be hard to find if I were studying on my own.

Xu Guo, online student

In the weekly online session, your teacher reviews the week’s topics and answers questions. You will also have the opportunity during these sessions to speak Danish and practice it extensively with your fellow students via webcam. The course instruction is very similar to regular classroom instruction. The only difference is that your computer is the classroom – and your headset and webcam open the door to that classroom. If you are unable to participate in an online session, you can stream it at a later time.

All course participants also have access to our online platform, where you can:

  • View lesson plans and exercises for each live session.
  • Submit the week’s assignments and get individual feedback from your teacher.
  • Find additional self-correcting exercises and quizzes that you can use whenever you want.
  • Access a large collection of materials and relevant links to help you in your independent studies.

World class instruction from experienced and dedicated teachers

The main concerns about an online language course are usually about the quality of the instruction and whether students achieve the same results as with regular classroom instruction. But fret not!

Our online courses are taught by experienced instructors who are specialists in online teaching. They’ll guide you through your journey of learning Danish online with a carefully designed lesson plan – and they’re the best at actively involving all students in class sessions, maximizing your opportunities to practice Danish and challenging you to learn even more.

“I am really satisfied with my teacher, I have to say. I have had many teachers before, both online and in person. And it is really hard to find someone who is motivating you enough but also challenging you without it being intimidating. So I really like how he is pushing us to do our best, and supporting us by always helping and explaining when you need it.

Karolina Fularczyk, online student

A skilled and dedicated teacher is the most critical factor for your success in learning Danish. While you learn Danish online with Copenhagen Language Center, you will always have an experienced and encouraging teacher by your side, giving you all the feedback, motivation and guidance you need.


Effective training in speaking Danish

Another concern often expressed by potential students is whether they can learn to speak Danish from an online course. Isn’t it just a teacher reviewing a bunch of material and the students sitting silently behind their computer screens? Well, in a word, no. In fact, let’s put that worry to rest for good!

Our teachers are keenly aware that in order to learn Danish, you have to speak Danish as much as you can. That’s why our live online sessions include a bunch of exercises where you speak Danish with your classmates in “breakout rooms”. The way this works is that your teacher gives you an exercise, and then you talk to each other in groups of two or three. Meanwhile, your teacher will visit each breakout room to answer questions and give feedback.

We also encourage all of our online students to team up with a classmate and meet to practice Danish about once a week – in person or via webcam. And, of course, you’ll always learn a lot faster if you speak a bunch of Danish in your everyday life with colleagues, neighbors, clerks, pets, etc!

A motivating and engaging learning community

Copenhagen Language Center is known for having a relaxed and supportive atmosphere, where it is fun and comfortable to learn Danish. And we bring that atmosphere to our online courses too!

When you learn Danish online, you’ll certainly be spending time alone in front of your computer, but you will be far from all alone. We do everything we can to ensure that the informal and enthusiastic atmosphere of our classrooms also shines through via internet. We do this by actively involving all course participants – and giving you plenty of opportunities to laugh together as you try to get your mouths (throats) to say all of the impossible Danish words and sounds. Danish is really difficult for many people, so it’s essential that we have fun while we learn.

Everybody is showing up with cameras on and the whole atmosphere is good and productive. I spend most of the time in the online session talking, which is really good. I do not feel scared or unconfident because everyone is at the same level and can understand each other. I don’t feel I am lacking anything you would get from having a physical class.

Xu Guo, online student

In our online instruction, as with all of our other Danish courses, we use a variety of methods, exercises and games to make it easier to stay focused and keep discouragement at bay – even when the grammar is difficult and your brain is running on fumes!

You can absolutely learn Danish online – it’s at least as effective and fun as all of our other Danish courses at Copenhagen Language Center!

Is online Danish the right choice for you?

1. You are motivated and focused.
2. You can study independently and with discipline.
3. You speak English and have at least 12 years of schooling.

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