How to learn Danish online for free

How to learn Danish online for free
How to learn Danish online for free
By combining the flexibility of free Danish online training with the support and learning intensity of classroom instruction, your Danish language skills will develop rapidly.
Copenhagen Language Center

A programme for students enrolled in Danish course 3.

Learn Danish online with Copenhagen Language Center. We offer free online Danish courses for students enrolled in Danish language course 3.

The online instruction (three lessons per session) takes place once a week, typically in the evening. We use a video conferencing system called Adobe Connect. The system enables us to see each other, share documents and work in small groups – just like in the classroom.
We meet in person one evening a month at the language school. Here we prepare for tests and work with the course materials.

Learning Danish online - for beginners and advanced learners

Students are assigned a large amount of homework each week. You can expect about 60-90 minutes daily and must submit both written and verbal homework by audio file.

Free online Danish lessons

Entry requirements

Students work independently on the assignments at home. They can chat with the teacher once a week if they have any problems or questions. You must meet the following requirements to enrol in the online course:

  • You are enrolled in Danish course 3.
  • You are skilled at using a computer and the internet.
  • You are very disciplined and good at planning your time – it is hard work to be a online student!
  • You are able to participate in all classes (absences are not permitted).
In return, it is both fun and flexible to be an online student. You can meet with other students in an online community and collaborate via electronic media. It is completely up to you when to do your homework.
A course (or module) lasts about three months. All students complete the module with a module test.

If you are interested and believe that you meet the requirements, you can sign up for online Danish here. 

If you have any questions please contact Cido Boesen.

Why I chose to learn Danish online

Camelia, PD3 course taught by Ina (has been an online student since module 3 with Tina)

" It’s quite natural for me to study online and it suits my lifestyle. Everyone with a busy life full of ever-changing working hours knows how hard it can be to attend school two or three times a week.
I love learning Danish online because I can choose when to do my homework and assignments. For example, I wrote this while waiting for my flight to Vienna at Copenhagen Airport. I love this flexibility!
Another reason for choosing to study Danish online is my work. I work as a hotel receptionist in Copenhagen. I have to speak Danish with my guests and my manager wants me to only speak Danish at work. This means that I have lots of opportunities for communicating in Danish and plenty of Danish teachers who can help me to improve my Danish skills.
It’s also important to mention that I love technology and I feel totally comfortable using nothing more than my laptop to study.

An online Danish course was the best choice for me and I am more motivated than ever to learn Danish! "