Our new Danish learning concept

Assessments of our autumn courses have shown that, more than anything else, participants want the opportunity to practice and improve their spoken Danish. That’s why all of our Danish courses focus intensively on improving your ability to engage in conversation and express yourself in Danish.

Our new Danish learning concept

We have listened carefully to our course participants, and now we proudly unveil our new teaching concept. More than ever before, we are focusing on the Danish you need in everyday situations. Prepare to wave goodbye to tons of time spent with dull textbooks and a prefab curriculum, and say hello to oodles of practice speaking Danish and learning about the subjects that interest you.

The ability to speak Danish is key

Assessments of our autumn courses have shown that, more than anything else, participants want the opportunity to practice and improve their spoken Danish.

Being able to speak Danish is what enables you to integrate with the Danes, comprehend everyday situations, and express your thoughts and personality.

Our new teaching concept, which takes effect on January 1, 2019, is rooted in the following principles:

  • Primary focus on spoken Danish
  • Tangible learning goals defined by everyday life
  • Courses in Danish for beginners build a solid foundation
  • Courses in continuing Danish offer flexibility in themes and content
  • FVU Reading gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the language

That’s why all of our Danish courses focus intensively on improving your ability to engage in conversation and express yourself in Danish.

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Stronger focus on spoken Danish in the classroom

You will still receive instruction in basic grammar, and we still use written texts in the classroom. Grammar gives you a fundamental understanding of how to construct sentences, while reading texts in Danish will build and solidify your vocabulary.

But when we read a newspaper article or short story, we’ll use it as the launch pad for a conversation about current events and issues or topics of relevance to your life. This enables you to apply what you learn in Danish class in your everyday life, and to use your new vocabulary and phrases in conversations with colleagues and friends.

Speaking Danish is a matter of being able to:
  • Understand when Danes speak to you
  • Effortlessly engage in conversation and share your views and thoughts
  • Amass and utilize relevant vocabulary
  • Pronounce the most common Danish words
  • Comprehend common phrases and figures of speech

What can you expect to learn?

Danish courses need to give you some real language skills that can be put to use in everyday life. Our courses at all levels build on a few key learning goals that describe the skills you can expect to gain by taking the course.

Even though the Danish classes are fun and focus on exactly what you and your classmates find interesting, the learning goals guarantee that your teacher always has a clear plan for ensuring your continued progress in learning Danish.

You are always welcome to ask your teacher for a status update on where you are in your personal learning journey, and ask her/him to help you practice in the areas that you need to focus on. We support you by adding a personal learning goal – and your teacher can provide guidance on the best ways to reach your goal. 

Read more about our learning goals. 

Danish for beginners builds the foundation

As you probably know, we offer Danish courses at all levels. Our courses are structured in four main levels: beginner, intermediate, pre-advanced and advanced.

Beginner courses comprise the levels A1 and A2. These courses form the basis for your further learning. The instruction is designed to ensure that you can quickly start using Danish, while giving you the best possible foundation for expanding your vocabulary and increasing the versatility and precision of your Danish.

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Danish for beginners forms your basis

In Danish for Beginners we use textbooks because they are a good tool for touching on elementary grammar rules, helping you establish a clear understanding of the present, past and future tenses, sentence structure, and more. These books are your faithful companion as you set out to learn Danish from scratch.

As with all of our courses, Danish for Beginners also focuses on developing your spoken Danish skills. You will learn to ask and answer common questions, and you’ll practice communicating simple information about yourself and your life. You’ll gain the cornerstones of Danish vocabulary, including numbers and time, common verbs and nouns, and words relating to everyday life, family, work and education. 

Continuing Danish focuses on your Danish speaking skills

Completing the beginner courses will give you all the basic Danish skills you need to continue building towards proficiency. The next steps are varying your usage, expanding your vocabulary to include more complex topics, and practicing effortless conversation.

We offer continuing Danish courses at the following levels:

We know that interest is what drives all learning, so our continuing Danish courses are all designed according to specific themes. It’s important that you’re motivated to talk about a given subject and can express your own views and thoughts in classroom discussions.

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Speak Danish about themes that interest you

  • Local & Global: travel, culture, global citizenship, migration, climate
  • Communities & Societies: associations, sports, politics, religion, crime
  • Work & Life: working culture, job search, education, family life, children, day care institutions
  • Identities & Lifestyles: generational gaps, family forms, prejudices and stereotypes, taboos

You can choose freely between these themes, enabling you to learn Danish as you explore and discuss topics that interest you. Based on the learning goals, your teacher will continuously adapt the level of difficulty to ensure you that you remain challenged and continue improving your Danish.

We recommend that you complete three of the four themes before proceeding  to the next level of courses.

Immerse yourself in reading and writing with FVU Reading

Our paid courses empower you to speak Danish and navigate everyday situations in Denmark. But we also know that some of our course participants are hungry to learn even more.

Perhaps you have a specific need to be able to read and write Danish at a high level. Or perhaps you’re just a language nerd who loves knowing all of the crazy exceptions to the rules of Danish grammar.

That’s why we’re delighted to offer you the opportunity for thorough and systematic instruction in Danish reading, writing, spelling and grammar through our FVU courses – and what’s more, these courses are free of charge.

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FVU Start, FVU Danish and FVU Mathematics

Copenhagen Language Center offers FVU Start, FVU Danish and FVU Mathematics, all of which are publicly funded and free of charge.

To enroll in these courses, you must already know some Danish and have a Danish CPR number. We will conduct a screening process to determine your current level and then place you in the right class.

Do you have any questions?

Contact us

If you have questions regarding Private Danish lessons, or if you are not quite sure which Danish course suits you best, please contact us by telephone or by email.

Need help choosing your level? If you already know some Danish and you are in doubt about your level, send an email to adm@kbh-sprogcenter.dk, and a student counsellor will get in touch with you to arrange an assessment.

You are also welcome to visit our reception in Valdemarsgade 16 during opening hours.

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