How to say I love you in Danish

LOVE – Saying the three little words in Danish

The phrase "I love you" in Danish is popular with Danish learners and might come in handy if you're dating, flirting with or falling in love with a Dane.

Thanks for tuning in to hear the #1 hit on the unofficial (and imaginary) Things beginning Danish students ask list! If you haven’t guessed yet, get ready to spread a little love!

Some combination of determination, chance and fate/luck/destiny probably drove your decision to start learning Danish. And, in more cases than not, a beloved Danish person is a big part of the equation.  Or perhaps you’re just like us – the type who thinks that the road to good Danish is paved with sweet words and affectionate phrases.

If so, wielding your (Danish) words wisely just might add more amore to your day. 💕 We’ve collected a slew of Danish phrases and sayings to declare your love for that special person in your life:

“Jeg elsker dig” and other Danish declarations of love
Illustration by Matthias Parchettka

“I love you” and other declarations of love in Danish

Sometimes, no matter the language, expressing your love is no easy thing. And other times, the words spill out effortlessly all by themselves. No matter the person you’ve decided to shower with love, the words below will undoubtedly bring a little sunshine to their day.

So how do we actually say “I love you” in Danish?

Jeg elsker dig / hende / ham (I love you / her / him) – the three small words, no more and no less
Jeg elsker også dig (I love you too) – if your beloved beats you to the punch, you can be the rubber to their glue
Jeg elsker dig mere / mest (I love you more / most) – perfect for competitive love
Jeg elsker dig, min skat (I love you, my treasure) – add a cherry to the top of your love sundae with a term of endearment

If you want to really, really mean it, you can use the sentences below. But be careful, they may seem a little over-the-top (and, from the fun fact files: Danes/Danish go for understatement 99 times out of 100):

Jeg elsker dig meget højt (I love you very high) – I love you very, very much!
Jeg elsker dig af hele mit hjerte (I love you from whole my heart) – I love you with all my heart
Jeg elsker dig for evigt (I love you forever)
Jeg elsker dig SÅ meget (I love you SO much) – here you can also show how much you mean by using both hands 🙌
Jeg knuselsker dig (I crush-love you) – when your love is so strong that it almost crushes the recipient


Things to say in Danish instead of “I love you”

It’s no secret (although someone was clever enough to market it as The Secret) that you’ll get further in life with sweetness than bitterness. But if you’re not quite ready to say the three magic words, Danish offers you plenty of other ways to show your appreciation and affection:

Jeg kan lide dig (I like you)
Jeg holder af dig (I hold of you) – I am fond of you
Jeg er glad for dig (I am glad for you) – thinking of you makes me happy
Jeg synes, du er sød (I think you are sweet)
Jeg er forelsket i dig / hende / ham (I am in love with you / her / him)
Jeg er vild med dig (I am wild with you) – I am nuts about you!
Jeg er helt skudt i dig (I am completely shot in you) – I am head over heels in love with you
Jeg er pjattet med dig (I am silly with you) – You make me totally giddy with love
Jeg tager opvasken (I’ll do the dishes) – Next-level love! 😉

Things to say instead of 'I love you' in Danish
Illustration by Matthias Parchettka

More Danish phrases and sayings with love

If you had your doubts as to whether Danes are actually warm-blooded creatures like the rest of humanity, we hope the vocabulary we’ve shared has convinced you in the affirmative.

Now that you have learned how to say I love you in Danish, we conclude with even more Danish words and phrases for talking about love:

Brændende kærlighed (Burning love) – a popular dish in traditional Danish cuisine, consisting of mashed potatoes with fried bacon cubes and onions.
At få kærligheden at føle (To get the love to feel) – this phrase is absolutely not a declaration of love, but rather a threat (often of physical violence).
Kærlighed og kildevand (Love and mineral water) – Phrase to describe idyllic romantic relationships with no practical worries.

Perhaps some of the phrases below are also found in your native language:

Gammel kærlighed ruster ikke (Old love doesn’t rust)
Kærlighed gør blind (Love makes (you) blind)
Mennesker mødes og sød musik opstår (People meet and sweet music arises)
I krig og kærlighed gælder alle kneb (In war and love, all tactics are valid)
Vejen til en mands hjerte går gennem maven (The road to a man’s heart goes through the stomach) Also true in Denmark
Størst af alt er kærligheden (Greatest of all is love)
Kærlighed ved første blik (Love at first sight)
At kaste sin kærlighed på (To throw your love on) – Heaping your love upon
At tabe sit hjerte til (To lose your heart to)
At nære dybe følelser (To harbor deep feelings)
At have kær (To have dear)
At have et godt øje til (To have a good eye to) – Having your affectionate eye on someone
At gengælde nogens følelser (To reciprocate someone’s feelings)

More Danish phrases and sayings with love
Illustration by Matthias Parchettka

And, lastly ...

If you’ve made it this far, your Danish vocabulary just received a loving boost. But perhaps we’ve forgotten one or more Danish words to express warm feelings. Or maybe your native language has some even better phrases. Leave a comment and share your favorite declaration of love with us.

And now, one last piece of advice:

🇩🇰💗 Go out in the world and spread a little love in Danish! 💗🇩🇰

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