Classroom instruction in Covid-19 times

We have updated our safety precautions according to the newest guidelines of the Danish Health Authority. From Thursday 29 October it will be a requirement to wear a facemask at Copenhagen Language Center. We will continue classroom instruction while observing safety measures in every respect.

Good hygiene, physical distancing and facemask in school settings

Due to the rising infection rate the Danish Health Authority has decided to introduce new restrictions to minimize the spread of COVID-19. Copenhagen Language Center is taking part in this process by carefully observing the recommendations of the Danish Health Authority every step of the way.

Starting from Thursday 29 October all students and employees must wear a facemask while visiting Copenhagen Language Center.

The facemask can be removed in the classroom. Your teacher will wear a visor in class only if they teach more than two physical classes a day – therefore it is unlikely that your teacher will wear a visor in class.

Read on for more information about what this means for you:

Do not forget that we can also provide you with well-functioning and well tested online courses that offer you classroom teaching and real-time feedback from your teacher - remote from your computer at home or working place.

Our safety blueprint for in-person classroom instruction

To limit the spread of infection and to ensure a safe and secure interaction during teaching, we are taking every precaution and strictly observing the guidelines and orders of public health authorities.

In the newest guidelines from the health authorities in regards to in-person lecturing at Copenhagen Language Center all students and employees must wear facemasks while being within the school premises. We are also taking a range of hygienic precautions to minimize the risk of contamination:

  • At least 1 meter (3 feet) distance between every desk in the classroom.
  • All teachers have received training to ensure compliance with the guidelines so that your learning environment is safe and secure.
  • Classrooms and bathrooms will be cleaned after every class.
  • Door handles and staircase railings will be cleaned twice daily.
  • All other contact surfaces, such as coffee machine, water faucets, card payment terminals, etc. will be cleaned at least twice daily.
  • Hand disinfectant will be available in every room of the facility at all times and free of charge.
  • Everyone will have access to bathrooms with touch-free faucets and soap dispensers.

Ready for Danish?

The coronavirus has impacted all of our daily lives. But despite the current situation – or perhaps even because of it – learning Danish is now even more important for many people.

Copenhagen Language Center is ready as soon as you are to start building and expanding your Danish skills. You are free to choose between learning Danish from home via distance learning and/or attending Danish courses at the school, where classroom instruction is conducted under strictly controlled safety conditions.

Check out our course overview to explore how you can continue learning Danish in these coronavirus times:

We look forward to helping you build and improve your Danish skills – in our Vesterbro classrooms and/or from the comfort of your home!

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